Treating Hydrosalpinx Infertility

The Wurn Technique is a non-surgical infertility treatment that uses pelvic physical therapy to decrease the adhesions causing tubal damage and hydrosalpinx. Once mobility is restored, the previously blocked tube(s) often regains normal function, creating a free path for conception to occur. Many women with a diagnosis of hydrosalpinx became pregnant naturally after receiving this hands- on therapy.

Fertility Treatment – The Natural Way

So-called alternative fertility treatments may help some women. Claims have been made for fertility herbs, oils, massages and diets. More research needs to be done on these types of fertility treatments. But two alternative fertility treatments that have been researched and proven effective are acupuncture and a particular physical therapy.

Beautiful Cervix Project

Submitted by O’Nell Starkey as part of the summer educational article series* When I was 19, at my annual gynecological exam, the midwife asked me if I

Ask the Experts

Belinda and Larry Wurn are experts in manual therapy for chronic pain and dysfunction, such as endometriosis, intercourse pain, adhesion-related disorders and female infertility. Together,

An HSG May Help You Become Pregnant

Women who experience infertility are commonly scheduled for a hysterosalpinogram (HSG) to see if their fallopian tubes are open and functioning properly. What many women