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“You succeeded in breaking up adhesions that blocked my tubes and in such a short amount of time. The tests confirm this and I was even able to achieve a pregnancy all because of your remarkable work.”



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Women diagnosed with endometriosis-related infertility have a plethora of treatment options to consider, each with its own set of risks and success rates. Clear Passage®️, renowned for its non-surgical approach, provides a valuable alternative supported by scientific data from respected medical journals. A comparison of published success rates between Clear Passage®, surgical interventions, and pharmaceutical treatments allows consumers to make informed decisions about their treatment.

In a comprehensive 10-year study involving 1392 infertile women, the Clear Passage® approach demonstrated remarkable success, rivaling or surpassing conventional options for endometriosis-related infertility. An impressive 43% of patients achieved conception after therapy, whether utilized as a standalone treatment or as a complement to pharmaceuticals. Many physicians were pleased to witness their patients achieve success without the need for surgery.

Endometriosis often gives rise to problematic adhesions, which have long posed challenges for Western medicine. These adhesions, composed of robust collagen fibers, form a binding matrix around endometriosis and adjacent tissues. Once established, they can constrict and immobilize delicate structures, causing pain and dysfunction. Adhesions can persist indefinitely and even spread, necessitating removal through non-surgical approaches like Clear Passage® therapy.

Clear Passage® embarked on the study of adhesions in 1984 when their Director, a physical therapist, developed severe pelvic pain post-surgery due to these internal scars. Realizing that surgery could exacerbate adhesions, they shifted their focus towards developing a non-surgical therapy to alleviate or eliminate them. Through their research, they discovered that the resilience of collagen fibers stemmed from their molecular-chemical bonds, known as cross-links, which tethered each strand together.

The therapy provided at Clear Passage® clinics is designed to systematically reduce or eradicate adhesions by addressing these cross-links. The results have been highly favorable for women with endometriosis, with lasting effects. Many women who arrived with a history of endometriosis and infertility have become mothers of one or more children following just a single five-day therapy session at Clear Passage®.

While no medical technique guarantees a 100% success rate, if pregnancy doesn’t occur shortly after therapy, opting for IVF increases the chances of success by 50% compared to IVF without prior therapy, as supported by published studies.

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