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Effective Natural Treatment for SIBO: Clearing the Path to Relief

“Our therapy not only targets the immediate symptoms but also addresses the root cause – adhesions in the intestine.”

– Clear Passage

Natural SIBO Treatment at Clear Passage®️

An image of a woman experience abdominal pain from small intestine bacterial overgrowth treatment natural

SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) is a distressing medical condition often linked with other gastrointestinal issues. It occurs when bacteria from the large intestine move to the small intestine, causing symptoms like bloating, nausea, and irregular bowel movements.

Adhesions and Their Role in SIBO

An image of adhesions that cause small intestinal bowel obstruction.

Adhesions, or internal scars from surgery or trauma, can obstruct the small intestine, trapping bacteria and exacerbating SIBO. While medication is commonly used, its effectiveness is limited by adhesions. Clear Passage®️ therapy focuses on reducing these adhesions to enhance treatment efficacy and prevent recurrence.

Clear Passage®️ Therapy: A Unique Approach

Clear Passage®️ stands out for how to cure SIBO naturally. This therapy is supported by extensive research and offers a significant improvement in symptoms, especially for patients unresponsive to traditional medications.

Clear Passage®️ Therapy Success Stories

Clear Passage®️ therapy has demonstrated significant success in the natural treatment of SIBO. Patients, who previously found little to no relief with traditional medications, have reported considerable improvements in symptoms after undergoing our therapy. Collaborations with renowned experts like Dr. Steven Sandberg-Lewis have been instrumental in developing effective, specialized treatment protocols.

Video Testimonial

Written Testimonial

“I have been living with chronic SIBO for years.  My gut always ached, and the bloating was horrible.  I have been off and on Rifaximin 3 times but the SIBO was persistent.  After a 20-hour program with Clear Passage, WHILE I WAS on antibiotics, my life was transformed. Clear Passage helped eliminate SIBO.  I am so grateful!


Scientific Evidence and Distinction

With over 30 years of experience, Clear Passage®️ therapy’s effectiveness is backed by scientific studies and is unique compared to other bodywork therapies, as evidenced by its support in reducing intestinal adhesions.

Commitment to Comprehensive Health

Clear Passage®️ offers a customized treatment plan, beginning with a thorough medical history review, followed by expert evaluation and collaborative planning. The therapy sessions are tailored to individual needs, focusing on adhesion reduction.

Clear Passage®️ goes beyond therapy sessions. It includes extensive post-therapy support like home exercises, dietary guidance, and lifestyle changes to prevent recurrence and enhance digestive health.

Clear Passage®️ Versus Other Therapies

Clear Passage®️ uniquely stands out among bodywork therapies for its scientifically validated effectiveness in treating intestinal adhesions. Unlike other methods such as myofascial release and visceral manipulation, Clear Passage®️ is the only hands-on therapy with consistent scientific backing, specifically for complex intestinal conditions. Learn more about these differences on our FAQ page.

Additional Resources

We recommend Dr. Alison Siebecker’s diet guide for further support in managing SIBO effectively.

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