Beautiful Cervix Project

Submitted by O’Nell Starkey as part of the summer educational article series* When I was 19, at my annual gynecological exam, the midwife asked me if I wanted to see my cervix and, smiling, whipped out a mirror.  What a fascinating experience – to see the little, moist, pink entity that is the opening to my womb, […]

The Role of the Cervix in Menstrual Pain

apply for therapy patient stories When women think of menstrual cramps, we normally think of the constant ache or throbbing pain in the pelvis. We seldom think cervix, but it is a key player in dysmenorrhea. Dysmenorrhea is the medical term for abdominal cramps and pain experienced during menstruation. The main symptoms of dysmenorrhea are pain […]

Three Common Causes of Deep Penetration Pain

Few women feel comfortable discussing painful intercourse, much less deep penetration pain. However, many women experience pain that lasts after initial entry. Some women report that “It feels like my partner is hitting something.” Other women experience a broader ache in their pelvis. So what can cause this type of pain? Below are three common […]