Patient Story: No Longer Shackled by Adhesions

After being bedridden for 10 years and unable to eat solid food for eight, Gwynn knew she had to find a non-surgical solution for her pain and recurring bowel obstructions. Hear her remarkable story of fighting to get her life back and make sure she would be able to be a part of her grandchildren’s […]

Severe Post-Surgical Adhesions – Patient Success Story

Watch a former patient discuss her extensive surgical history, which left her with debilitating adhesions and chronic pain. You’ll also hear from her husband, describing the Clear Passage experience from the spouse’s perspective. Click on the video below to play. Transcription I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1997 and I had a radical mastectomy […]

Patient Story: From Menopause at 35 to Three Kids

Hormonal Menopause, Only Remaining Tube Blocked with Hydrosalpinx – Jen’s Story I’ve always been a healthy, positive person with big dreams. I knew someday I would meet that special someone and start a family. From an early age, I always knew I wanted children. I come from a long line of fertility. My grandmother gave […]

Clear Passage Publishes Landmark 10-Year Infertility Study

Hands-On Physical Therapy Matches or Exceeds Medical Success for Female Infertility We are thrilled to announce that in a study of 1,392 infertile women treated at Clear Passage during a period of 10 years, our therapy was found to be equivalent to or exceed standard medical treatments for common causes of female infertility, including both […]

Success Story: Clear Passage Allowed Me to Resume My Adventures

“If they say they can help you, my friend — you can believe it.” A marine biologist, Richard found his life turned upside down due to bowel obstruction, a potentially life-threatening condition. Like many of our other patients, he was told that surgery was the only way to relieve his obstruction. Used to being out […]

Bowel Blockage Symptoms

The first symptoms of blocked bowel obstruction, also called bowel blockage, are typically pain, nausea or vomiting. These symptoms are often accompanied by difficulty or inability to pass gas or stool. Additional symptoms that develop as the bowel blockage worsens are: Pain or tenderness around or just below the belly button Stomach cramps that come […]

Meet the Clear Passage ‘Miracle Babies’!

As we gear up to begin our 25th year of serving patients, we’d like to reflect on one of the greatest rewards of our work — being able to give the gift of motherhood to women diagnosed as infertile. When we began our small physical therapy practice in Gainesville, FL in 1989, we never imagined […]

Do I Have Mechanical Migraines?

Migraine headaches can be caused by ‘mechanical’ factors, which are sometimes overlooked or left untreated by physicians. This type of headache typically does not respond to medication, sending patients on a frustrating journey from specialist to specialist as they search for a solution. If you are seeking relief from migraine headaches, the first step is […]

How to Treat Infertility Naturally

Even if you are new to the world of fertility treatment, you’ve likely heard others rattle off treatment names such as tubal surgery, IVF, IUI, etc. For those who prefer a natural, more conservative treatment option that does not involve drugs or surgery, there is the Wurn Technique®. The therapists at Clear Passage Physical Therapy […]