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Hello from Belinda Wurn, PT


As one of the founding members of the Clear Passage Therapies team, I feel very fortunate to work with an exceptional group of therapists as well as our excellent administrative staff.

I became a physical therapist to help others heal from injuries and return to active lifestyles and full function. But after being

diagnosed with cancer of the cervix in 1984, I became the patient who needed help healing. Following the diagnosis, I had surgery and extensive internal and external radiation therapy. I survived the cancer, but the treatments designed to heal me left my lower abdomen, pelvis and lower back scarred, and adhered all of my pelvic organs to neighboring tissues and structures causing a “frozen pelvis.”

Over the next few years I began experiencing many symptoms caused by chronic complications that were the result of adhesions and scarring of the radiated tissues and narrowing of blood vessels within the original treatment area. Unfortunately, when a malignant tumor is irradiated, many structures and surrounding normal tissue cells are also damaged. I found out I was infertile, menopausal, and was developing chronic pelvic and tailbone pain, and dysfunction of many of my digestive organs.

My career as a physical therapist came to a halt when I found that conventional medicine offered little relief, I began to search for alternative treatment for my debilitating symptoms. I got tired of hearing “it’s all in your head,” or “you will have to learn to live with it.” Wanting to avoid further medical treatment or surgery, I was treated by many expert osteopathic physicians and manual physical therapists throughout the U.S. and abroad with a variety of hands-on treatments.

I then began taking many post-graduate courses in various manual physical therapy and osteopathic techniques. As the first faint glimmer of hope dawned in my pain relief, my curiosity turned into a passion and then a lifetime journey. The more I learned, the more fascinated I became. Manual soft tissue therapy became my passion as I refined my ability to use my hands to palpate restricted areas and “listen” to the body. My husband, Larry then began to study with the same experts I had been studying with. He continued to treat me, and I was finally feeling good enough to go back to work. We modified and refined techniques we learned from many experts, and began developing our own techniques.

In 1989, Larry and I opened Professional Touch Physical Therapy (PTPT) to treat a large chronic pain population. Then something remarkable happened. We began seeing “infertility reversals” in patients diagnosed infertile. And so our journey with Clear Passage began.

What motivates me professionally and personally is leading a life centered around the principles of excellence, empowerment, integrity and honesty. My goal was to create the type of clinic I wish I had been able to go to while I was searching for relief from my pain. I wanted to create a space of true healing, support, compassion, empowerment, caring, and mutual respect.

I love to travel, and want to see as much of the world as possible in this lifetime. France and Italy are among my favorite countries. I love to go back there as often as possible! Last winter, Larry and I went skiing in Chamonix, France for a week. Last summer, we went on a 3-week photo safari to Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa, which was the trip of a lifetime. We recently enjoyed a trip to beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico that is located at the very tip of the Baja Peninsula.

I also love to snow ski, go boating on the lake we live on, swim, work out, listen to audio books on my iPod, and play with our two 4-legged “kids.” Larry and I have 2 beautiful Golden Retrievers. Our 2-year-old female is Chablis, from Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. The theme of her litter was book titles. Our 1-year-old male is Dylan. The theme of his litter was rivers, so his registered name is Watchin’ the River Flow, by Bob Dylan. I also adore gourmet food and fine wines. Life is good!

One of my favorite expressions is “create your vision, and then step into it.” Best wishes to all of you on your journey!


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