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Our Results

We feel strongly that therapy should be scientifically investigated and validated to provide a solid understanding of effectiveness for patients, physicians and scientists. Clear Passage® measures results scientifically by:

  • Providing statistical analyses of our results
  • Publishing scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals
  • Conducting clinical trials to evaluate safety and effectiveness of treatment

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What are clinical trials and why are they important?

Clinical trials are designed to test healthcare solutions, whether drug or other intervention. Their goal is to determine the safety and effectiveness of a treatment for a specific disease or condition.

Clinical trials are instrumental in creating data to show that one treatment is as effective, or more effective than another. At Clear Passage®, we use clinical trials to validate our treatment for various conditions. 

What is statistical significance and why is it important?

Statistics refers to the mathematical calculations performed by a scientist to help determine the effectiveness of a therapy, and whether a change is real, or could be attributed to chance. Statistical significance is critical in providing data that demonstrates that our treatment protocols are equal or superior to other treatments – such as surgery or pharmaceuticals. Statistical evaluation of our data is an important part of having our studies accepted for publication in major journals. Statistics also provide ongoing analyses of our treatments for different conditions.

Why are peer-reviewed publications important?

Publishing in peer-reviewed journals is integral to any serious scientific investigation. Peer review means that independent physicians and scientists have reviewed our studies, found them of scientific merit, and worthy of publication. The peer review process examines ethics, plagiarism, scientific validity, and the soundness of the scientific method used in the study.

This process solicits experts from within the field to provide a critical review of the science, methods and conclusions presented in the study. To these ends, our articles are typically reviewed by experts in the physical therapy and medical fields.

The process of publishing in peer-reviewed journals is an in-depth process that typically takes three to six months to complete. Therefore, a great deal of time, work, and effort is invested in each article that is published on our work — not only by the authors, but also by the reviewers, who provide thorough analysis and critiques of the work.

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