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Our Mission & Treatment Philosophy

Providing Hands-On Care With Results For Over 30 Years

Our Mission

Clear Passage strives to provide our patients with the finest hands-on therapy in the world. We team with each patient and focus 100 percent of our effort on each patient’s goals, in a professional but compassionate environment. We are dedicated to obtaining positive results for each patient and to publishing meaningful research that accurately documents our results. We recognize that our team of therapists, researchers, advisors and support staff must practice excellence, kindness and a deep understanding in order to deliver superior care to patients.

Our Treatment Philosophy:

As we treat our patients, we put the utmost emphasis on:
  • Professionalism. Our integrity is inherent in all aspects of our conduct as we treat each patient in a responsible, honest and confidential manner.
  • Research. We are committed to developing meaningful scientific data that examines our methods and results and to increasing quality, knowledge and innovation in non-surgical healthcare, through scientific, educational and academic endeavors.
  • Compassion. Our relationships with patients and their families are based on a depth of interest and understanding that is rarely seen in healthcare today. When we treat, the patient’s goals are our sole focus.
  • Dedication. Our number-one goal is success for each patient. Achieving this goal requires understanding each patient’s goals and providing focused, professional attention to every patient at all times.

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