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Remarkable Natural Fertility Stories

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Patient Stories: Restoring Fertility Naturally

Unexplained Infertility after Motor Vehicle Accident
Stacy’s Story

Endometriosis and Multiple Failed
Madison’s Story

Our First Scientific Test Case: Two Blocked Fallopian Tubes, Despite Laparoscopy and Open Surgery
Marsha’s Story

Two Blocked Fallopian Tubes and Then Unsuccessful IVF
Roxanne’s Story

Surgically “Unopenable” Fallopian Tubes
Autumn’s Story

Fallopian Tubes Blocked Near Uterus
Valerie’s Story

Four Years Infertile with Blocked Tube
Michelle’s Story

Hormonal Menopause, Only Remaining Tube Blocked with Hydrosalpinx
Jen’s Story

Hydrosalpinx with Ovaries and Fallopian Tubes Buried by Adhesions
Jacqueline’s Story

Only Remaining Tube was Blocked with Hydrosalpinx
Gabriel’s Story

Two Children after Ectopic and Adhesions
Savannah’s Story

One Ectopic Pregnancy, One Miscarriage, and Multiple Unsuccessful IUIs
Isabella’s Story

Ectopic Pregnancy and Laparoscopic Surgery
Norah’s Story

Ectopic Pregnancy After Surgery To Open Blocked Fallopian Tubes
Melissa’s Journey to Joy

Blocked Fallopian Tubes, Three IVFs, and Multiple Miscarriages
Nicole’s Story

Five Years Infertile with Two Blocked Tubes
Sarah’s Story

Blocked Tubes after Myomectomy
Tina’s Story

Fourteen Unsuccessful IUIs and Endometriosis
Andie’s Story

Ten Years Infertile and Four Surgeries for Endometriosis
Amania’s Story

Two Failed IVFs and Endometriosis
Samantha’s Story

Six Years of Infertility and Stage IV Endometriosis
Liz’s Story

Endometriosis and Two Blocked Tubes
Hannah’s Story

At Age 39, Four Years of Infertility Due to Endometriosis
Michaeleena’s Story

Three Prior IUIs, One Prior IVF, and Endometriosis
Danielle’s Story

Ten Years of Infertility, Four Miscarriages, One Ectopic Pregnancy, and Endometriosis
Neveah’s Story

Stage II Endometriosis and Age 40
Victoria’s Story

Suspected Endometriosis, but Hesitant to Undergo Laparoscopy
Jasmine’s Story

Menopausal Hormone Levels (FSH of 28)
Lisa’s Story

Two Prior Miscarriages and Hormonally Infertile
Patty’s Story

Unable to Ovulate
Sophia’s Story

High FSH and Secondary Infertility
Jocelyn’s Story

Denied IVF Due to Hormonal Factors
Chloe’s Story

Three Unsuccessful IVFs
Faith’s Story

Age 40 with High FSH
Janell’s Story

Three Prior IVFs and Two Surgeries for PCOS
Tamás and Bianka’s Story

22 Negative Pregnancy Tests and PCOS
Alyssa’s Story

Extensive Adhesions and PCOS
Elyse’s Story

Three Prior IVFs, PCOS, No Natural Menstrual Cycle
Sydney’s Story

Infertile for Eight Years and FSH of 18
Mary’s Story

Age 43, Failed IVF, and Prior Ectopic Pregnancy
Christine’s Story

Blocked Fallopian Tubes and Scar Tissue after Chlamydia
Wendy’s Story

Extensive Endometriosis
Megan’s Story

Using Intuition through Fertility Treatments
Hana’s Story

13 Years Infertile with Endometriosis
Ava’s Story

Secondary Infertility, Endometriosis, and Failed IVF
Erin’s Story

Emergency Ectopic Surgery and Two Failed IVFs
Amelia’s Story

Four Unsuccessful IVFs, then Natural Pregnancy
Rachael’s Story

Endometriosis, Three Failed IVFs, Two Miscarriages, Then a Natural Full-Term Pregnancy
Claudia’s Story

One Fallopian Tube Removed, Remaining Tube Blocked after C-Section
Ivy’s Story

Adhesion Formation after C-Section
Megan’s Story

Seven Years of Secondary Infertility
Lyla’s Story

Two Miscarriages then Two Children
Dana’s Story

Miscarriage After C-Section
Madeline’s Story

Five Years Infertile and 13 Unsuccessful IUIs
Terri’s Story

Suspected Adhesions
LaRue’s Story

Seven Years of Infertility and Chronic UTIs
Jennifer’s Story

Unexplained Infertility, Despite Multiple IUIs and 3 IVFs
Nicole’s Story

Myomectomy and One Blocked Fallopian Tube
Nyamekye’s Story

Infertile after IUD
Mia’s Story

Age 42, Five Prior IVFs, and Three Miscarriages
Ashley’s Story

Multiple Miscarriages, and 12 Years Infertile
Makayla’s Story

Seven Years of Infertility
Barbara’s Story

Releasing Emotional Pain
Molly’s Story

Nine Years of Infertile Myomectomy and Failed IVF
Addison’s Story

Two Prior IUIs and a Failed IVF
Paulina’s Story

Seven Failed IVFs, 15 Failed IUIs, Then Two Children
Kate’s Story

Passing Out from Endometriosis Pain
Sara’s Story

Excruciating Endometriosis Pain
Mary’s Story

Three Prior Laparoscopic Surgeries for Endometriosis
Kimberly’s Story

Patient Stories: Pain Relieved – Sexual Function Restored

Unbearable Pain During Sex
Emily’s Story

Sexual Function Restored
Cher’s Story

Prior Sexual Abuse
Kelly’s Story

Pain after Childhood Injury
Ellen’s Story

Severe Fall, Subsequent Pain and Headaches
Michael’s Story

Unexplained Abdominal Pain
Rae’s Story

Severe Pelvic Pain after C-section
Marcella’s Story

Chronic Pain after Multiple Traumas
Trudy’s Story

Eight Prior Surgeries
Ginny’s Story

Twenty Years of Surgeries after Partial Hysterectomy
Katrina’s Story

Patient Stories: Ongoing Research – Bowel Obstruction

Emergency Bowel Surgery in India
Belinda’s Ongoing Story (as told by Larry)

Breast Surgery, Inguinal Surgery, and Six Abdominal Surgeries
Reese’s Story

Complications and Bowel Obstruction after Abdominal Surgery
Mae’s Story

Multiple Surgeries for Bowel Obstructions
Teena’s Story

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