Pain Testimonials

Adhesions after hernia surgery and mesh. Return to eating, work, “saved his life.” Educated, learned so much, how to self-treat. “CP is a Miracle”

Ulcerative colitis: pain and bowel obstructions started after her colon was removed. She and her spouse talk about their experience with post-surgical adhesions, results with CP, her new knowledge of adhesions and how to self-treat at home.

Ten plus surgeries and adhesions from each affecting multiple abdominal organs.

Crohn’s Disease: Over 20 major surgeries over 14 years, many to small and large intestines; serious pain; frustrated with doctors; clotting issues; finally refused more surgery and came to CP. “It is wild, how different my body is after CP. Was so hard from layers of scar tissue, now soft, supple, can move without pain. Incredible to be heard and have such results. I have a different level of ownership of my body now; I can help myself where I was never able to do that before.”

Multiple surgeries and small bowel obstructions and resections of adhesions from the surgeries – open heart, colorectal cancer, colostomy, hernia and mesh insertion; severe pain with intercourse, fear of eating

Caribbean judge: her appendix burst causing peritonitis, severe infection, severe adhesions, many bowel obstructions, intestines adhered ‘like a ball’.

My team of physicians sent me to CP following several small bowel obstructions with nine surgeries for the adhesions that formed from each surgery. Quite adhered, he scheduled 33 hours of treatment. A world traveler, he feels he can now manage his condition on his own.

Bilateral radical mastectomies for breast cancer with tram flap breast reconstruction which uses the transverse rectus abdominus muscle and the surrounding tissues, blood vessels and fat in the abdomen to form a new breast mound). Several adhesion surgeries, intense pain. Surgery removed clumps of scar tissue but caused even more intense pain. Pain management physician could not help, she describes therapy and the profound relief she felt. Skeptical husband describes
his turn-around.

“These people have saved my life.” Given a 20% chance to live, he was hospitalized 69 days in a medically induced coma, then underwent 32 more days there after surgery for pain and recurring bowel obstructions. Doctors said “nothing will stop this from happening again” but CP is changing that perception and saving lives.

This patient suffered from chronic pain and headaches for over 5 years without answers or relief. Listen to how a natural treatment helped cure her condition.

“Five days of treatment has done more to release adhesions and restrictions all over my body than the last six years of physical therapy and acupuncture.”
“Exceptional care that completely relieved the pain I was experiencing. I have recommended you to both my Gyn and Internist. Will recommend you to any friend or acquaintance with similar issues. Thanks for making such a difference in my life.”
“After years of incapacitating back problems, I have now received my first 12 hours of treatment at Clear Passage. I am amazed that I feel physically so much better, in such a short time. It is remarkable to me that I can now bend over, virtually pain free, for the first time in 14 years! Had I come here sooner, I would have saved myself so many years of pain and misery! Thank you so much.”
“I rode my motorcycle yesterday for the first time in a long time! You made that possible! I just wanted to thank you guys for your help, encouragement, and kindness. If I hadn’t found you guys originally, I would still be in terrible pain. I’m a physician and you’ve given me my life back. I can’t put a price on what that means for me. Thank you so much!”
“The journey with Clear Passage has been an incredible, eye-opening experience. From the moment I met my therapists and completed the comprehensive initial evaluation, I felt like a team of experts was intensely focusing on fixing my body of pain and adhesions.”
“For most of my adult life, I had suffered from chronic headaches. These started in my mid-twenties, and by my early thirties, they were occurring on a daily basis and becoming more severe. I had consulted with a number of different internists and neurologists who estimated that these were essentially muscle-tension headaches, but often of migraine intensity. I had explored almost every treatment available, including medications that ranged from over the counter analgesics to narcotic painkillers. I had also investigated non-traditional methods such as acupuncture, bio-feedback, and chiropractic adjustments, but none had much effect. By my late-thirties, these headaches had become incapacitating to the point where they often limited activities and even resulted in trips to the emergency room. Needless to say, this health condition was having a substantial negative impact on my life. In those twenty-some years, I had seen nearly a dozen medical “specialists” and yet none was able to ascertain the cause of my headaches. Things changed however when I met Larry and Belinda Wurn at Clear Passage Physical Therapy. In simply observing my posture, they could tell that something was not right, essentially that the muscles in my back were contracted in a manner that put excessive pressure on my neck – the basis for the unbearable headaches. It’s difficult to ascertain the initial cause, but a critical car accident in my early twenties along with many other falls and injuries over the years most likely played a part. Incredibly, I felt relief after the first treatment and within a few weeks the headaches had been reduced to a point where I no longer needed medication. Today I am nearly headache-free and when they do occur, nothing more than aspirin is needed to relieve the pain. In all of those years, doctors never suggested such a simple solution to what is a relatively common problem. I’m very thankful to Clear Passage for their resolution of this debilitating health issue and strongly recommend this very effective alternative to anyone in a similar situation.”
“I recommend this therapy for those troubled by adhesions. My entire body feels healthier!”
“Clear Passage and all of the staff gave me a better quality of life. The staff has truly changed the rest of my life.”
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