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Sexual Dysfunction Testimonials

Overcoming Intercourse Pain: Reclaiming Desire and Orgasm

"After years of experiencing almost total loss of sexual interest, I have had the pleasant and remarkable surprise of renewed, intense sexual desire and response – and I am over 40! After my first 12 hours of therapy at Clear Passage, I am having sexual desire and responses unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in my lifetime! My husband is really smiling, but he is actually getting exhausted with my new-found libido! We are both so grateful to you and the staff at Clear Passage!"
"I have not had painful intercourse since my treatment at Clear Passage. Before treatment, it was happening probably once out of every three times. Now, there is no pain and less time and effort to achieve orgasm. My orgasm is also longer and much more intense."
"After therapy I noticed improvements with intercourse including increased libido and improved vaginal moisture."
"Initially, I came to Clear Passage for treatment of low back and pelvic pain. Prior to therapy, my libido was low, and I had difficulty experiencing orgasms during sexual intercourse. I had come to believe that this was the way things were supposed to be for me. After six hours of therapy, I began to notice some unexpected side effects. Although it’s a little embarrassing to say it, I began to have deep, intense orgasms during intercourse with my husband. Now, one month after therapy I am so thrilled to have exciting sexual intercourse back in my life."
"The life that I have gotten back is just amazing. I feel 20 years younger and healthier. I have an increased sex drive and just more energy for everything because my body does not hurt anymore."
"Intercourse used to be extremely painful for me. It became increasingly difficult when my husband and I tried for five years to become pregnant. After my treatment at Clear Passage, intercourse pain decreased and I later became pregnant!"
"My libido in general has definitely increased – which is kind of weird because it had been MIA for quite a while now. There has been such a huge shift in my experience of my own body, and the way it reacts… even my husband has commented on it (My husband by the way sincerely thanks you all!). Honestly, it’s like a whole new body. I’m amazed!"
"“Since therapy I have noted an increase in the intensity and frequency of my orgasms!"
"I originally went to Clear Passage for help with infertility. After treatment, I was surprised to find that intercourse is now less painful and I have orgasms 90% of the time versus 40% of the time prior to treatment."

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