Pain after Physical or Sexual Abuse

We Treat Pain from Physical or Sexual Abuse Naturally

The physical scars and adhesions that develop in response to physical and sexual abuse can remain in the body for decades after the abuse has stopped. Often invisible to diagnostic tests, adhesions act like tiny straitjackets, binding sensitive structures and causing pain. They can also serve as palpable reminders of abuse, often with terrible memories. 

Our therapists provide a safe and effective treatment to remove these scars in a caring and healing environment, helping victims of abuse to return to a normal life. Studies in peer-reviewed U.S. and international medical journals found that our manual physio/physical therapy significantly decreased pain and returned function for most patients we treat. 

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While we may heal from a trauma to the body, so that no scars show on the outside…

Abuse Overview

Physical and sexual abuse can inflict both physical and psychological scars on its victims. While counseling can help people come to grips with the confusing and conflicting emotions so often associated with abuse, it does little to address the physical scars that remain in the body. These scars can exist deep within the body’s tissues decades after abuse has ended. Left untreated, the pain and memories associated with them can last a lifetime.

Physical and sexual abuse can not only cause deep physchological problems, but the physical scars from abuse can literally last a lifetime, binding internal muscles, nerves and organs in powerful adhesions (internal scars), causing pain or dysfunction.
After freeing tissues that had been bound for years or decades, many have said that we helped them regain a new body – that our physical work was the “missing link” to help get them past their early traumas, at last.

Trauma causes adhesions (internal scars) to form as a natural part of healing. Once formed, they can remain in the body for a lifetime unless treated by a knowledgeable therapist. The trauma may be from a direct force, such as being hit or forcefully abused.

Adhesions may also form when a person develops a protective mechanism, such as constantly being ‘on guard’ against a recurrent perpetrator. The ongoing muscle spasm can cause physical adhesions to form slowly over time. In either case, the body creates internal adhesive straitjackets that can immobilize body tissues – whether from a single devastating incident or from a series of traumatic events.

Clear Passage®️ Treatment

We have treated the deep scarring that occurs from physical and sexual abuse for over 30 years, with expertise and understanding. We have treated numerous patients who developed multiple personalities to deal with the abuse from a large or authoritative aggressor. We find that physically treating the sites of past abuse requires expertise and great sensitivity. Our therapy helps locate, treat and eliminate the physical pain and dysfunction associated with abuse. All of our work is performed by sensitive and caring therapists in private treatment rooms.

When we physically free these adhesive straitjackets using our manual therapy, the Clear Passage® approach, patients often experience great relief and a profound decrease or resolution of their symptoms. Their bodies become much more mobile and pain-free. Many of our patients have found that the process of freeing these internal physical bonds opens the door for healing their psyche and spirit, helping them leave behind shadows of the past.

We are highly experienced in this area and sensitive to your need for a ‘safe place’ where you are nurtured and allowed to heal at your own pace. We are happy to consult and work with you and your counselor before, during or after therapy if you request it.

Our therapists are caring, sensitive and discreet professionals who have treated many patients who have endured the nightmare of abuse. We are experts at decreasing the adhesions that cause physical pain due to prior abuse.
internal physical scars tend to remain in the body for a lifetime– unless removed by a skilled therapist.
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