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Infertility Issues

Female Infertility Conditions We Treat

Positive Results Treating Female Infertility

Clear Passage® tests our results treating female infertility with “before and after” reports and images, such as the x-rays shown below.

The white parts of these images show a woman’s reproductive tract “Before and After Therapy.” Diagnosed totally infertile, the patient chose to undergo our all-natural bodywork to decrease undetected adhesions in her uterus and fallopian tubes. After therapy, she was diagnosed fertile, fully able to conceive.


In the LEFT IMAGE (Before Therapy), dye enters the white area showing the inner walls of the uterus but cannot exit (shown in red circles); these tubes are blocked.

In the RIGHT IMAGE (After Therapy) dye fills the uterus, then pours out of both fallopian tubes (shown in green circles); these tubes are wide open.


Uterus (shown in white) Before & After Therapy

In the LEFT IMAGE (Before Therapy) dye enters the white area showing the inner walls a uterus that is quite narrowed, squeezed by adhesions (in red circle). This woman will have more difficulty conceiving or carrying a baby to full term (risk of miscarriage).

In the RIGHT IMAGE (After Therapy), dye fills a uterus that has been freed from constricting adhesions (in green circle.) The increased mobility creates a much more relaxed organ, one that is much more capable of accepting an implanted embryo and carrying it to full term.

Overview of Treatment and Success Rates

With numerous studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals, Clear Passage’s hands-on physical therapy has been featured on the ABC, CBS, and NBC television networks in the U.S., and internationally on Fox News. These citations and newscasts note infertility reversal for hundreds of women – without surgery or drugs. Our therapy can work independently or as an adjunct to your physician’s care. The following is an overview of our work treating female infertility.

Clear Passage®️ has been a world leader treating female infertility, since 1986. A landmark 10-year study of nearly 1,400 infertile women (Rice et al., 2015) showed that our hands-on approach equaled or surpassed many standard medical treatments — surgery and pharmaceuticals — for the most common causes of female infertility. We had high success rates treating infertility due to:

  • Blocked fallopian tubes (often diagnosed untreatable by physicians)
  • PCOS (good success rates without surgery)
  • Endometriosis (approximately equal to the surgical rate)
  • High FSH, advanced reproductive age (there is currently no medical treatment for high FSH or advanced reproductive age)
Clear Passage is a world leader with over two decades of experience decreasing pain and improving fertility in women with endometriosis, without surgery or drugs.

Our therapy also increased pregnancy rates when used before IVF, with:

  • A 50% increase in IVF pregnancies compared to the national average, and
  • Five to eight times the national average for IVF pregnancies in women over the age of 40.

We encourage you to view graphs and specific success rates from the 10-year infertility study treating over 1,300 infertile women. (Download the full study)

If you are interested, you can view resources that will help you calculate your chances for getting pregnant from our treatment.

To learn more about how we achieve results for specific causes of infertility, click the appropriate condition in the menu at the top of any page of our website. 

Complete our online Request Consultation form to schedule a phone consultation at no cost to you, and to learn whether our natural treatment may help you.

Some women have a combination of hormonal and mechanical problems; for others, no cause is found, leaving them with a diagnosis of “unexplained infertility.” Clear Passage®️ has had success in all of the above areas. Our success rates vary based on the condition treated. View our published success rates.

Choosing a Treatment Method and Provider: Assessing Experience, Risks, Success Rates, and Long-Term Outcomes

Once you have identified the cause of your infertility, it is vital to inform yourself about the experience, procedures, risks, success rates and long-term outcomes associated with each of the treatment options available to you.


We have been treating female infertility since 1989. We hand-pick each therapist based on years of manual therapy experience, courses attended before we train them, reviews from referring physicians and patients, compassion, and the ability to listen deeply. We train each extensively in the therapy we have researched and developed over the course of two decades.


We have developed our treatment since 1986 with two goals: safety and effectiveness. We screen each patient for contraindications to therapy. We have treated hundreds of complex cases and conditions; we often consult with physicians and scientists throughout the treatment process to ensure the positive outcomes. Our procedures have been shown to be safe.  Therapy is tailored to each patient’s needs.

Belinda with a patient.


We avoid risks due to our thorough screening process. The major risk is temporary soreness. Side-effects of therapy are generally positive, including increased female sexual function (libido, lubrication, orgasm) and decreased pain.

Success Rates:

Our success rates are published in peer-reviewed medical journals. Given the number of infertility patients we have treated since 1989, we can provide a reasonable estimate of your success rate with our therapy. View our success rates.

Long-term outcomes:

Unlike assisted medical treatments that may work for a single reproductive cycle, the results of our therapy appear to last for years. Many of our patients have had several full-term pregnancies (births) and continue to be fertile for several years after therapy here.

Published Results:

With published studies and citations in a dozen respected medical journals, Clear Passage®️ is the Gold Standard in the world for treating female infertility naturally. Study data authored by independent physicians support our credibility, efficacy, and success rates.

Clear Passage®️ constantly strives to measure our results scientifically and share them with the public – as reported in peer-reviewed medical journals. We have been developing our therapy since 1989 and publishing results since 1997; our infertility statistics are documented and housed in the U.S. Library of Medicine. Over the course of 30+ years, we have worked with gynecologists and scientists to develop a therapy that has been shown to be safe and effective for many infertile women.

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