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Women’s Health (Endometriosis) Testimonials

2 Babies After Stage 4 Endometriosis, failed IFV, and 4 surgeries

Relief After 13 Years of Undiagnosed Adhesion and Endometriosis
Severe Endometriosis, 15 failed IUIs, 7 failed IVFs, then two Clear Passage children

Treating PCOS and Adhesions 

Treating Endometriosis Related Infertility and Adhesions

Unable to Walk with Seven Years of Debilitating Pain after Endo,
Car Accident; Surgeries, Hospitalizations, then Relief, with CP

Several Patients Talk About What
Treatment is Like at Clear Passage

Treating Endometriosis: Examining Natural
Treatment with Scientific Backing (long)

Early Video Examines CP Therapy
Opening Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Endometriosis: Natural Treatments
with Scientific Backing

"Prior to attending Clear Passage Therapies, I would lose 4 to 5 days of work a month due to debilitating endometriosis pain. My period pain was so severe that I would actually pass out. After therapy, my family and I were shocked that I was finally without pain, and able to work and function normally! Thank you Clear Passage Therapies for helping me so quickly and so profoundly, without drugs or surgery."
"I used to have bad lower back pain during ovulation and menstruation. I’ve had none since therapy. I’ve just felt healthier in general, more fit, since my time at Clear Passage."
"I cherish my time at CPT and the support I was given. Even if I never get pregnant, I still have my adopted children, and most importantly, I can care for them each day of every month, rather than missing out due to pelvic pain."
"After years of struggling with endometriosis pain and painful intercourse, I felt relieved to find a facility that would treat the root of my problems. Everyone was so professional, knowledgeable, and caring. Thank You!"
"I have had less pain during my periods and less pain between periods. The pain isn’t gone completely but its better and I have not had to miss any work because of it. "
"I am 36 years old and have had endometriosis since the age of 17. It caused me so much pain that I perpetually searched for a cure. After three laparoscopies, I was in worse shape than before. I constantly went to doctors with the hope that one of them could help make the pain go away. Because my pain was not limited to just my reproductive area, I was constantly referred to different doctors that specialized in specific areas of the body. Unfortunately, no one could ever give me a definite cause of what was wrong with me. After my fourth laparoscopy years ago, I was in so much pain that I could not walk during my period. In addition, I was also trying to get pregnant. I was really concerned about my pain and wondered how I could possibly conceive and carry if all of this was going on in my body. Then I found Clear Passage. Each therapist was incredible and so right on target. They were able to tell me exactly where my problem areas were without me saying a word. They were right 100% of the time. Finally someone had an answer! With each session, I felt the adhesions that had constricted my organs for so many years, begin to break down and loosen their ugly grip on my organs. I know the quality of my life is greatly improved and there may even be a pregnancy in my future. God bless you all at Clear Passage! "
"Just wanted to let you know that not only did your treatment open my blocked fallopian tubes, it relieved the menstrual pain I had experienced for so long!"
"Prior to CPT I suffered from frequent endometriosis pain and also had pain with sex. After treatment, I feel 100% better. CPT gave me my life back!"
"Having endometriosis was heartbreaking for me because it prevented me from becoming pregnant. An HSG showed endometriosis covering my ovaries. After fourteen IUIs that were all unsuccessful, I found Clear Passage. After treatment at Clear Passage I was able to get pregnant naturally and I just gave birth to my healthy baby girl!"
"Clear Passage Therapies – thanks so much! Everyone is really great! You have such a super team! Since reporting back on a few bulletin boards about my experience, I have been constantly answering other people’s questions about the treatment. They all sound as if they can benefit from CP-Hands! I went back this week to my AIS (active isolated stretch) session and they are amazed how my pelvis has sorted itself out!"
"I used to feel that no one really knew how to address my debilitating adhesion pain, which was particularly frustrating because I am a physician. Then I found Clear Passage. Belinda and Larry’s interest in treating adhesions and pelvic pain is something they have personally lived, and conquered. That’s why I recommend them to you!"
"Since therapy, I note a decrease in the intensity of my pain. I no longer have PMS or heavy bleeding."
"Just wanted to let you know that I just finished a virtually pain-free menstruation for the first time since – I really can’t remember, it’s been so long! They were so awful before. Thank you SO much – I will continue to keep you informed of my progress."
"I am feeling great! My menstrual cycle is back to 28 days. Before treatment it was 18 days then 13 then 17 days. My lower abdominal gurgling has completely disappeared. You have raised my normal basal temperature to 97.5. Before treatment the average was 96.7."
"For the first time in my life I am not terrified by my upcoming period. I am looking forward to becoming pregnant after CPT, naturally or with IVF."
"After treatment I felt immediate relief during my cycle and with my rectal pain, which were caused by endometriosis. My pain lessens little by little each month and I feel well enough to travel again."
"Thank you for all of your help. I’m not pregnant yet, but I feel a lot better after the treatment. There is no more pain with my menstrual period and my period has become regular. I feel great!"
As I physician, I know you have created a professional and outstanding medical facility as well as a great team. Thank you for providing relief and hope to the people who have only despair when dealing with their ARD (Adhesion Related Disorder)."
"I can’t believe the difference in my abdominal area. It is at least 70% better than before my therapy. This has been a truly wonderful experience!"
"I have been busy, but for the first time in a long time, I feel like I am actually keeping up or even better– I am getting things done! I am so much more mobile. I don’t have the aches and pains that I had been living with for so many years. I feel more limber and mobile. I have also been regular with bowel movements and my period has been much more normal and less “crampy.” This was all worth the treatment. You really have a wonderful clinic. I re-read your brochure. I just want you to know that your primary goals of therapy apply to me and I certainly feel like a success. I have increased mobility, decreased pain and an all-around new outlook on life. I love telling others about your therapy. People are very interested in the chronic pain relief and mobility part. Many can relate. I would recommend your clinic to anyone. Thank you so much for doing what you do."
"Even though I have not been diagnosed with adhesions, I assume that I have some from all the various surgeries and two car accidents. I came to Clear Passage feeling restricted and tight throughout my whole abdominal region – so much so that I was having difficulty breathing. Now after a week of treatment, I feel I can really breathe again – good, long belly breaths! I also feel at least five to ten years younger throughout my entire body. I don’t wake up so stiff and achy since I’ve had treatment."
"After my therapy, I felt like a completely new person. All of the spasms in my pelvis stopped. My joints stopped aching and my low back spasms lessened significantly."
"What a blessing to have found CPT! My therapist was so caring, professional, and knowledgeable and I now have a renewed hope in conceiving and living a less painful life due to my endometriosis. I highly recommend this treatment."
My primary goal was to become pregnant and one week after treatment – I was! My pregnancy went very well and I was also blessed to no longer experience painful intercourse or lower abdominal pain.
I have a blocked fallopian tube and adhesions due to endometriosis and an ectopic pregnancy. I had previously gotten laparoscopic surgery with no relief from my pain and no pregnancy. After two years of going back and forth (it’s very expensive) I finally took the leap and scheduled the five days of treatment and I’m so thankful that I did. I got treated by Jenny in Dallas and she was absolutely wonderful. She blew my mind with her knowledge and expertise, she immediately found her way to my adhesions. She’s a miracle worker!

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