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Women’s Health

What We Treat For Women's Health

We Treat Women’s Health Without Surgery or Drugs

Our approach to women’s health is different from most physio/physical therapy clinics. Our patients tend to be complicated, with severe constant or recurring pain that disrupts their lives — and often their relationships with partners and loved ones. Whether the pain is associated with periods, intercourse, endometriosis, or due to a surgery, trauma or abuse, our patients often have a history of healing that indicates adhesions have formed in their bodies. Most arrive at our clinics having found little or no relief elsewhere. Most leave reporting significant relief of pain and increased quality of life.

Clear Passage®️ began after our Director was treated aggressively for cervical cancer. Her treatments included cutting away part of her cervix, 40 external radiation treatments and massive internal radiation — unshielded radioactive material placed inside her vagina and uterus for six days. During this time, she was drugged and near comatose in a room lined with lead to protect her doctors and nurses from the radiation being administered inside of her. 

Doctors destroyed her cancer but were at a loss of how to deal with the adhesions (internal scars) that formed as a result. She developed ‘frozen pelvis’ — all of her organs were bound in adhesions. A year after this ordeal, she was in debilitating pain when she walked, moved or even breathed. Over the next two years, we developed manual therapy to decrease adhesions in the pelvis and the rest of the body — techniques that help our patients today.

The female pelvis holds a very complex variety of organs, structures and processes, all in close proximity to eachother.

Common Causes of Women’s Health Problems

Anatomically, the female pelvis is very complex. Not only does it hold organs of digestion and elimination, it contains a complex array of delicate and sensitive reproductive structures. Healing in any of these areas can cause adhesions that bind organs and nerves like glue, and that often remain in the body for life.

Items from the outside world (tampons, partner, etc.) enter women’s bodies through the vagina. Its warm moist environment is ideal for bacteria to thrive, so infection is common and often undiagnosed. Adhesive bonds form to start the healing process and often remain in the body after healing, creating unexplained pain or dysfunction. The small but powerful cross-links that are the building blocks of adhesions can cause debilitating pain as they attach to nerves in this sensitive region. They can bind organs to other structures, causing dysfunction such as digestive problems, infertility, and decreased sexual response. Despite the skills of the finest surgeon, surgery often creates more adhesions as the body lays down adhesions to help heal from the procedure. Thus, the relief provided by surgery may be temporary — pain or problems can return, sometimes worse than before surgery.

Most adhesions do not appear on diagnostic tests (X-ray, MRI, CT or ultrasound). Thus, thousands of women find themselves in debilitating pain, with no apparent cause. Their doctor’s last resort is diagnostic laparoscopy — typically cutting or burning adhesions, and often causing more adhesions to form.

Whether performed laparoscopically or by open surgery (shown above), surgery is a common causes of pelvic  pain and dysfunction caused by adhesions.
Adhesions are frequently found at the sites of endometrial implants, attaching the endometriosis to underlying pain-sensitive tissues or organs such as the uterus (shown here). These tiny but powerful bonds can cause recurring or persistent pain, or infertility.

An Effective Natural Treatment for Several Women’s Health Problems

We work to reduce or remove adhesions by shearing them apart, slowly and steadily. The therapy appears to break the molecular bonds between the fibers that comprise adhesions. To us, it feels like freeing the run in a three-dimensional sweater. Organs and nerves generally return to easy mobility and more pain-free function after our therapy.

In this section, you can read about specific women’s health conditions and our approach to them. We encourage you to educate yourself fully and become your own advocate for a fully functional, pain-free life.

If pain is robbing you of quality of life, please complete our online Request Consultation form to schedule a phone consultation with one of our expert therapists at no cost. We will give you good insights and let you know whether this all-natural therapy may help you.

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