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We Increase Female Desire, Orgasm, Lubrication and Sexual Function Naturally

Clear Passage®️ is a world leader with over two decades of experience treating intercourse pain and female sexual problems with a non-surgical, hands-on physio/physical therapy. 

Desire, lubrication and orgasm should happen normally for all adults. When any of these are not happening, we look first for physical causes – and physical solutions.

Success Treating Lubrication & Orgasm Problems

Studies published in peer-reviewed U.S. and international medical journals found that our therapy significantly improved all six areas of sexual function, including desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, and satisfaction and pain. 

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The female reproductive organs are susceptible to adhesion formation after a fall or accident, surgery, infection, or endometriosis. Invisible to the naked eye, tiny cross-links attach to injured tissues, to start the healing process.

Causes and Frequency of Sexual Dysfunction (Including Lubrication and Orgasm)

Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) affects approximately 50% of all U.S. women and 43% of women aged 18-59. (Basson et al., 2000; Laumann et al., 1999) In 2000, the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy classified female sexual dysfunction into six measurable domains: desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, satisfaction and pain. (Rosen et al., 2000) Intercourse pain affects between 46% and 60% of all U.S. women. (Heim, 2001; Mathias et al., 1996)

Sexual intimacy and intercourse should provide some of life’s greatest pleasures. But because the female urogenital and reproductive organs are susceptible to adhesions (tiny but powerful internal scars), intercourse can become a time of pain, dissatisfaction and embarrassment for many women.

During the course of life, the female reproductive tract may be subjected to numerous traumas (e.g., falls or abuse), infections (vaginal, urinary, bacterial, or STDs), inflammations (PID, endometriosis) and surgery. Any of these conditions can lead to adhesion and scar tissue formation at the entrance or walls of the vagina, or in nearby structures. In fact, adhesions can form anywhere in the female reproductive tract, causing painful intercourse and decreased or absent sensation, desire, arousal, lubrication or orgasm.

Like tiny but very strong straitjackets, adhesions can bind the internal mechanisms of urogenital and reproductive tissues, or attach organs to other structures, restricting movement and function, and sometimes causing pain. Adhesions may act like a blanket, covering and muting response of some of the delicate tissues that are responsible for sexual response – the vaginal opening, cervix, G-spot and vaginal walls.

Stepping back in magnification, collagen cross-links join to form tiny adhesions that bind structures together – even the microscopic muscle cells depicted here.
Stepping back further, these tiny but powerful structures can attach to the vaginal wall, cloaking it like a blanket, preventing normal function, and often causing intercourse pain.

Treatment Overview for Sexual Dysfunction

Clear Passage®️ Treatment

The focus of our therapy is to free these tissues from their adhesive constraints. In a remarkable percentage of cases, CP therapy has been shown to restore function and allow women to return to normal sexual function.

As therapists with years of experience in these areas, we have decreased pain, increased sexual function and restored the pleasures of intimacy and intercourse for many women. In doing so, we enrich their lives and those of their partners. We recognize and understand the private and intimate aspects of the areas we are treating. All of our work is performed with sensitivity and dignity, by caring professional therapists in private treatment rooms under guidelines established by the American College of Gynecology.

Pain relievers, lubricants and psychological counseling do not address the adhesions that cause the problem. Our hands-on therapy can help significantly, based on results published in major medical journals.

Other Treatment Options

Other treatment options for sexual dysfunction include medications to numb the pain. While sometimes effective, these medications only mask the symptoms, rather than treating the root cause of the problem: adhesions. 

Published Results

Scientific citations published in major gynecologic journals showed significant improvement in all areas of female sexual function for women who received our therapy. A study published in the peer-reviewed journal Medscape General Medicine (Wurn et al., 2004b) showed that after receiving the Clear Passage® Approach:

  • 78% of women had increased desire (libido)
  • 74% had increased arousal
  • 70% had increased lubrication
  • 56% had increased or first-time orgasms

A second study published in the Journal of Endometriosis showed similar improvements in these areas for women who received our therapy. (Wurn et al., 2011) In fact, these published citations measured statistically significant improvements in all six major areas of female sexual dysfunction: desire (libido), arousal, lubrication, orgasm, satisfaction and pain.

To view a full list of published studies  treating Sexual Dysfunction with the Clear Passage®️ Approach, please visit our Success Rates page.

Pain decreased and sexual function (desire, lubrication, orgasm) improved for most women in the studies after our therapy alone.


To read past patient success stories, please visit our Testimonials page.

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