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Chronic Pain

What We Treat For Chronic Pain

We Treat Chronic Pain Without Drugs or Surgery

Chronic pain is a core focus of our work at Clear Passage®️. Whether debilitating or simply annoying, pain robs our patient of their quality of life. The focus of our manual physio/physical therapy is to decrease adhesions — the internal scars that form after injury, surgery or infection and decrease of our ability to move and function without pain.

Surgery can help but can also create more adhesions and in turn, more pain. With over three decades of experience, we treat adhesions by detaching or deforming them with our hands, naturally.

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Adhesions can form like curtains, ropes or balls of twine. Impossible to view with X-ray, CT or MRI, they can bind structures or cause pain with a strength of nearly 2,000 pounds per square inch (140 kilos / sq. cm.)
Adhesions can form anywhere in the body – on nerves, organs or muscles. Here, tiny but powerful cross-links, the building blocks of adhesions, form between muscle cells, restricting our movement.

What Is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain generally refers to pain that lasts more than three months. The pain can be constant or recurring and may occur in one or more areas of the body. For some, the pain can be debilitating; for others, the worst part is its persistence, e.g. “I just can’t get free of it.”

Many medical professionals rely heavily on X-rays, CT scans and MRIs to find areas of pain and dysfunction, but adhesions are generally not visible on these tests. When there is no medical cause (e.g. a disease or organic condition) and nothing shows up on diagnostic tests, the cause of the pain is often adhesions.

Adhesions form during the healing process after a surgery, injury, infection or inflammation often much earlier in life. The smallest adhesion can pull on pain-sensitive structures within the body with great strength and create pain, which is often called “unexplained” because its cause is impossible to detect using traditional medical diagnostic tests.

Adhesions from abdominal or pelvic surgery can pull the upper body forward, making it difficult to stand straight. Back, neck or head pain can ensue as muscles struggle to keep the body upright.

Natural Treatment for Chronic Pain (Clear Passage®️)

The chronic pain patient is a perfect match for our services; we specialize in treating men, women, and children who have been unable to find relief elsewhere. We began our focus on chronic pain over 30 years ago, when we were searching for a way to relieve our founder’s chronic pain after radiation therapy. Her physicians told her there was nothing else they could do for her pain. Belinda (our director) refused to give up, and together with her husband, Larry, they began searching for a way to decrease her pain. The result of their quest was the development of the Clear Passage® approach.

Treating Chronic Pain and Adhesions

They learned that adhered tissues cause pain and dysfunction as the adhesions pull on structures that should normally be free to glide over each other. Clear Passage®️ therapists are skilled in using their hands to palpate sites where adhesions glue structures together, causing pain and/or dysfunction. Therapists use the site-specific manual therapy the founders developed. The Clear Passage®️ approach reduces these adhesions, strand by strand.

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