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Meet the Therapists: Belinda Wurn, PT

What is your name?
Belinda Wurn

How long have you been a physical therapist (or PTA/LMT)?
36 years

How long have you been practicing the Wurn Technique?
22 years

How did you first become interested in this work?
I was trying to figure out how to get myself out of the chronic pain I was experiencing after 40 external radiation treatments and 2 internal radium implants for cervical cancer in 1984.

Where did you grow up?
Jacksonville, Florida. I lived in the Arlington area, and went to the beach (30 minutes away) every free minute I had!

What’s your favorite food?
Seared fois gras or else good pizza

Where did you receive your education?
The University of Florida (go Gators!)

What is your philosophy on continuing education?
From 1988 until 1999, I took 4 to 6 courses a year. There was so much knowledge out there about different myofascial and visceral manipulation techniques, I wanted to learn it all. I think continuing education is extremely valuable. The techniques I use now are not ones I learned in PT school. You get the basics there, but in order to develop your work into an art- it is vital to keep up with the latest techniques that are developed over time.

What conditions do you have experience treating?
Chronic and complex pain, women’s health issues (pain with intercourse, painful periods, endometriosis, urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction), bowel obstructions, post-surgical adhesions, headaches, facial and jaw pain, tailbone pain, abdominal, pelvic, back or neck pain

Where is your favorite place to go on vacation?
France and Italy, Africa on safari

What is your favorite part about treating patients?
Hearing from them at the end of the week and seeing on their faces that they feel so much better, and I have helped give them back their active lifestyle.

What one word describes you best?

What drives you every day?
Helping to relieve my patient’s pain. Coming home to the lake and playing with my 2 beautiful Golden Retrievers!

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