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Apply to Therapy

We look forward to helping you achieve a life free of pain and dysfunction. If you are just curious, you can click the REQUEST INFORMATION button above. If you have serious interest, click the APPLY FOR THERAPY button. This will take you to a more extensive form where you can provide us with your lifetime medical history, including surgeries, injuries, symptoms, and goals. While it may take you 20 minutes to complete this longer form, the benefits of doing this are huge. When you submit it, we will conduct a thorough, in-depth analysis of your history, symptoms, and goals. Your completed form provides us and our team with insights into you as to whether our therapy can help you. There is no charge for this analysis.

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“Our approach is clearly different from the typical medical model where the patient represents a group of plumbing and wiring that needs to be re-plumbed or re-wired. In that model, the feelings, knowledge and role of the patient’s experiences with his or her body are of little import. In our model, we regard each patient as an expert in his/her case. We explain our work to you and invite you to become an active participant in your own recovery. You become a vital member of the team, arguably the most important member of the team in charge of your rehabilitation.

Due to the interrelated nature of all structures in the body, we believe in assessing and treating the whole body. We listen deeply to our patients’ bodies using our hands and our hearts. Then we “go in” and, barrier upon barrier, we break down the adhesions and restrictions that have been created over a lifetime of healing from inflammation, infections, traumas and surgeries.

We meet all of our patient’s where they are in their life’s journey. We ask you to examine your needs and wishes, and to share your goals for therapy, and to envision your body as you want it to be, after your time with us. We provide a safe space and give every patient permission to become the master of their healing process.”

– Larry Wurn, Co-Founder

How to Apply for Therapy

Brief steps
  1. You complete the Medical History Form by clicking our Apply for Therapy button above. 

  2.  Upon entering that form, you will register into our patient portal, with a Password you choose.

  3. You complete and submit that form, giving us your full lifetime history of injuries, surgeries, and disease, along with your symptoms and goals for therapy.

  4. We examine your submission in depth to determine whether our work may benefit you. We generally get back to you within three business days with our analysis. If we have questions or concerns, we may ask you to provide additional information and medical records. There is no charge for this in-depth analysis.

  5.  If we feel our work may help you or we have further questions, we are glad to schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation with one of our therapists for you. Following this call, we can determine together if our therapy feels right for you.

  6. At this point, you may tentatively schedule a clinic location and therapy dates by placing a deposit.

  7. If we need additional medical questions answered, we will let you know. Once you receive our final clearance for therapy, you can make your travel arrangements.

  8. At least two weeks before therapy starts, you complete chart paperwork, and pay your balance.

Importance of Medical History

Because adhesions in one area can affect another area, please provide the full lifetime history of your body’s healing events. If you fell onto your bottom at age 10, or had a knee surgery at age 15, let us know. Those events may or may not be related to your present condition and goals – but we need to know about them. This will help us “connect the dots” to help determine the cause of your present complaint(s) and how best to unravel them.

Who Are Your Therapists?

Your therapists have unique skills and training, unavailable anywhere else in the world. They are screened for experience and excellent manual skills before being accepted for training. We typically accept and train less than one percent of therapists who apply.

Every therapist undergoes required pre-training coursework, which can take a year or more to complete. They study and are tested on a 600-page Therapist Training Manual written by our training staff. Each must attend extensive on-site training at our headquarters. Only therapists who pass our written and practical certification tests at the end of the training period become certified Clear Passage®️ therapists.

We have helped many women overcome infertility, children and adults of both sexes to relieve pain, obstruction, or dysfunction – without surgery or drugs. Our directors, instructors and staff have spent decades studying advanced manual therapy techniques, then developing and researching new protocols to restore our patients’ bodies to a state of increased balance, mobility and function.

What Is Treatment Like?

Your treatment begins with a thorough review of your history and a private on-site physical evaluation that typically lasts around an hour. We explain our findings to you and encourage any comments or input you would like to share with us. We invite (but do not require) your active participation in your treatment. Because you have lived in your body your entire life, we view you as an expert in your case and your history.

Your therapy is always one-on-one, performed by a Clear Passage® certified therapist in a comfortable, private treatment room. In your first treatment session, we use our hands to locate adhered tissues in and around the organs, muscles, connective tissues and support structures of your body. We apply gentle, specific pressure in affected areas. This pressure is designed to reduce the adhesions that formed in your body over time and return your structures to normal mobility, tone and function.

Treatment sessions are individualized to your condition – based on your history, goals and physical evaluation. We are glad to explain our ongoing findings and our work on you at every session; we listen to you attentively and encourage your feedback. 

During your visits, your therapist will feel and treat deeply in your body, finding areas that healed, then became adhered due to trauma, surgery, inflammation, infection or poor posture. We always work within your tolerance and comfort level. Our goal is to slowly and meticulously break down the tiny, powerful cross-links that are the building blocks of adhesions to return your body to an earlier state of mobility and function.

Patients often describe our therapy as a deep or profound relief, or “something my body has needed for a long time.” We often hear “you have found the area I’ve been telling my doctor(s) about for years – but they couldn’t find anything.”

Sometimes, you will notice a pattern of pain, such as, “when you push there, I feel it in my low back, my leg, the base of my skull.” This often tells us exactly where an adhesive pattern is running in your body. Patients often express deep relief and joy to finally understand the pattern of pain or dysfunction that has plagued them for years or even decades.

Treatment sessions are generally scheduled in one to two-hour sessions, with 10 to 15 minutes reserved for paperwork and chart review. This equates to 45+ minutes per hour of uninterrupted manual therapy per hour. We believe that keeping good records of your history, response, and changing patterns during treatment is vital to your success, and can also help with your insurance reimbursement.

How Does Therapy Feel?

Therapy at Clear Passage®️ can often feel like a deep site-specific stretch; other times, the work can be very light, as it follows the subtle rhythm within the sheath that surrounds the spinal cord. Depending on the diagnosis and treatment area, the therapist may work to improve motility (subtle organ movements). At other times, the therapist may ask the patient to flex large muscles or move in certain ways to improve the body’s symmetry and function.

We maintain good communication with patients at all times to ensure their comfort level and full understanding of our intent and findings. We will never force you into a treatment that you do not want. We also educate patients in techniques they can use at home to maximize results and prevent reinjury.

We follow the ethical guidelines of the American Medical Association (AMA) and American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) regarding patient draping and right to a chaperone. We provide coverings – blankets, gowns, towels and pillowcases – for those who wish to use them. We invite you to bring your partner to therapy with you, but therapy is individual and partners’ participation is not required.

We respect your dignity and personal privacy. As manual therapists who often work in delicate or personal areas, we are sensitive to your physical and emotional comfort level. We maintain communication with you at every stage of therapy, explaining our theories and techniques while we are working with you. Because we regard you as an expert on your body and condition, we seek and value your thoughts and feelings. This input can help us achieve optimal results.

If you’d like a free consult, please take 20 minutes and fill out this form and we can determine if therapy would be a good fit for you.