A Glimpse into a Brave Young Boy’s Journey with CHARGE Syndrome

Imagine a young 9-year-old boy named Alex*, who faced a unique challenge right from his birth due to a condition known as CHARGE Syndrome. In February 2023, he found hope and relief at Clear Passage, seeking treatment for his chronic Small Bowel Obstruction (SBO). Understanding CHARGE Syndrome: A Story of Resilience CHARGE Syndrome, though its […]

Emergency Small Bowel Obstruction Surgery in India

Belinda’s Ongoing Story, as told by Larry Wurn. Although we had been married twenty years, we never had the time to take the honeymoon I had promised my bride two decades earlier. Belinda wanted to visit India and Nepal. I had visited these countries in my 20s, courtesy of a photo and book assignment I […]

How Will My Lifestyle Change with Small Bowel Obstructions?

eating for a bowel obstruction

We understand that many new patients experience very uncomfortable symptoms in the time that passes between the first phone call and the initial treatment with Clear Passage® Physical Therapy. Below, we will share suggestions from various sources that our bowel obstruction patients have found beneficial. These resources are intended to: Help prospective patients avoid exacerbating […]

Is There a Natural Treatment for Small Bowel Obstruction?

woman struggling with abdominal adhesions

Small bowel obstruction is a serious and, sometimes, life-threatening condition, often caused by abdominal adhesions. People who experience symptoms of bowel obstruction should consult with their healthcare provider right away. If your life is in immediate danger, you may not be able to avoid surgery. Still, if the problem is not yet a full-blown crisis, […]

Seven Signs of Intestinal Blockage

misdiagnosed IBS

Can’t keep food down? Does it hurt to poop?  Digestion problems can disrupt your everyday routine and negatively impact your quality of life. If standard treatments have failed to provide relief, you may be dealing with a more serious underlying problem, such as blocked intestines or small bowel obstructions (SBO). This is even more likely […]

Bowel Obstruction Treatment

Obstructing? Need Help Now! How Can Therapy Help The images above show the ability of the Clear Passage®️ Approach to clear bowel obstructions without surgery. To obtain these images, the patient swallowed a radio-opaque dye (shown in white) that reveals the inside of her intestines. Noting the severe narrowing in the ‘Before’ images, her physician […]

Abdominal Pain

Treating Abdominal Pain The hands-on therapy at Clear Passage®️ focuses on decreasing the adhesions (internal scars) that form when the body heals. Published studies show good results without surgery. To learn more about how we achieve results, click the appropriate condition in the menu at the top of any page of our website.  Complete our […]

Study Results for a Non-Surgical Bowel Obstruction Treatment

BOWEL OBSTRUCTION SUCCESS RATES Following the ‘scientific method’ for investigative new modalities, we began by publishing some remarkable case studies, all of which can be read on our Published Studies page. These studies included a woman who managed to stay alive despite a bowel that was virtually totally blocked. When she first arrived for therapy, […]

Bowel Obstruction Success Rates

Background At Clear Passage®, we have always been cautious about keeping patients safe, and making claims about our results. After we opened our first fallopian tubes in 1989, we spent 30 years studying adhesions, refining treatment techniques, having biostatisticians calculate what techniques worked best, further refining, and then publishing our results. In 2008, we turned […]