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Patient Story: Adhesions and PCOS

Extensive Adhesions and PCOS – Elyse’s Story Elyse’s story is an excerpt from our book, Overcome Infertility and Pain, Naturally In early 2004, my husband and I married. We were ready to start a family right away and I stopped taking oral contraceptives. I had been on the pill for twelve years in order to regulate […]

The Wurn Technique for Infertility, Pain, and Adhesions on

by Lisa B. Samalonis The struggle that thousands of couples face with conception and infertility can become a nagging see-saw of hope and renewed monthly heartbreak, invisible to the naked eye yet latent, inexorable, hiding just below the surface of a person’s public persona. Because many find the subject too personal or painful to discuss in […]

The Appearance of a C-Section Scar Can Provide Clues About Abdominal Adhesions

When a woman comes to CPT with secondary infertility, one of the first questions our therapists ask is, “Did you have a C-section?” Through years of experience, our therapists have found that c-sections frequently cause adhesion formation within the abdominal and pelvic cavity. Adhesions can impede fertility by blocking the fallopian tubes, restricting the uterus, […]