IVF Risks, Side Effects, and a Natural Alternative

Increasing IVF Success

For people who are struggling to conceive, in vitro fertilization (IVF) is a medical procedure that offers hope but comes with a torrent of risks and side effects. If you are considering this treatment, please read this article first. It provides details you should be aware of before you undergo IVF and suggests ways to deal with IVF side effects. Better yet, learn how you may be able to avoid IVF altogether.

Pre-IVF Treatment

Increasing IVF Success with Pre-Transfer Therapy Severe Endometriosis, 15 failed IUIs, 7 failed IVFs then two children after Clear Passage! Clear Passage®️ is a world leader with over two decades of experience improving female fertility including treatment prior to IVF embryo transfer. As early as 2004, a study in WebMD’s Medscape General Medicine indicated that our manual […]

How to Treat Infertility Naturally

Even if you are new to the world of fertility treatment, you’ve likely heard others rattle off treatment names such as tubal surgery, IVF, IUI, etc. For those who prefer a natural, more conservative treatment option that does not involve drugs or surgery, there is the Wurn Technique®. The therapists at Clear Passage Physical Therapy […]

Wurn Technique as a Pre-IVF Treatment

“If I had just known about Clear Passage Physical Therapy and just done the research early on and found out about this place, it would have just saved us so much. It saved my world. It changed my world. I wish I would have known that early on. It would have made so much a […]