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Endometriosis Pain

We Treat Endometriosis Pain Naturally Clear Passage®️ is a world leader in treating endometriosis pain naturally, without surgery or drugs. With over three decades of experience, studies and citations on our physio/physical therapy treating endometriosis and intercourse pain have been published in numerous peer-reviewed U.S. and international medical journals. Complete our online Request Consultation form to receive […]

Endometriosis Staging – The Four Stages of Endometriosis

Different Stages of Endometriosis  If you suspect that you may have endometriosis, it is important that you consult with your doctor and receive an accurate diagnosis. Endometriosis is commonly diagnosed via a pelvic exam or a surgical procedure called laparoscopy. As part of the diagnosis, the doctor will typically determine which stage of endo a […]

Four Ways to Support Women With Endometriosis

How to Support Women With Endo 1. Acknowledge their pain — don’t ignore or deny it Women with endometriosis oftentimes feel ignored. Whether it is a friend, partner, colleague, or family member, being told to “get over it” or “periods are supposed to be painful” can be extremely hurtful. Endometriosis is a real disorder; it […]

How Food Can Change Your Life with Endometriosis – Guest Post

Written by Melissa, author of the popular blog Endo Empowered Truthfully, my diet was always a place where I could hide from my endometriosis pain. It generally involved eating a whole bunch of foods laden with cheese, sugar and fat – though not necessarily all at once! Thing is, I didn’t really believe that food […]