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Menstrual Pain

“Just wanted to let you know that I just finished a virtually pain-free menstruation for the first time since – I really can’t remember, it’s been so long! They were so awful before. Thank you SO much – I will continue to keep you informed of my progress.” Emily Patient We Treat Menstrual Pain Naturally […]

Still Feeling Pain Long After Giving Birth?

Millions of women are injured during childbirth. You are not alone – and there may be a solution. While the joys of motherhood can be great, it is not uncommon for women to sustain pelvic injuries, resulting in pelvic adhesions, during childbirth. Unfortunately, while the body generally heals, effects of these injuries can sometimes be […]

Study Points to Link Between C-Section and Adhesions

Adhesions and C-Sections New evidence suggests that pelvic adhesions are present in more than a third of women with a history of previous c-sections and that the adhesions are associated with chronic pelvic pain. “Prevalence of pelvic adhesions on ultrasound examination in women with a history of Caesarean section,” published in the July issue of […]

Why Do I Have Pain After C-Section?

If you are reading this article in search of an answer as to why you are continuing to experience pain months or even years after you’ve had a C-section, you are not alone. Post-C-section pain is not uncommon and can send women on a seemingly endless quest for relief. Jan Kriebs, a certified nurse midwife […]

Pelvic Adhesions: What You May Not Know

Some women will never even know that they have pelvic adhesions. For others, pelvic adhesions lead to a variety of women’s health conditions, including chronic pelvic pain and infertility. Often robbing women of fulfilling relationships, the gift of motherhood, and overall quality of life, these bands of internal scar tissue can have a profound impact […]

Treatment of Adhesions Caused by Transvaginal Mesh: Guest Post by

After experiencing trauma—like surgery, infections, or inflammation—the body forms internal scars, called adhesions, as it heals. Sexual abuse, injury or a fall on the backside or hips can all prompt adhesion formation and contribute to chronic pelvic pain as well as conditions like colitis, gastritis, perforated ulcer, or appendicitis. Pelvic inflammatory disease, STDs, endometriosis, surgery […]

Pelvic Pain in Women: Causes and Treatment

Pelvic pain — pain in the area between the hips and below the belly button — affects roughly half of American women. Yet, many do not know why they have pain and often feel uncomfortable discussing it with their doctor. Read on to learn about three conditions that can cause pelvic pain and the treatment options […]

Overcoming Intercourse Pain: Reclaiming Desire and Orgasm

TRANSCRIPT: Overcoming Intercourse Pain: Reclaiming  Desire and Orgasm This is what sex is supposed to feel like. This r­­ocks.  We can do this again. I had an orgasm for the first time in years. That sounds weird probably for some people, but for people who have dealt with chronic pelvic pain, not having orgasms goes […]

The Role of the Cervix in Menstrual Pain

apply for therapy patient stories When women think of menstrual cramps, we normally think of the constant ache or throbbing pain in the pelvis. We seldom think of stenosis of the cervix, but it is a key player in dysmenorrhea. Dysmenorrhea is the medical term for abdominal cramps and pain experienced during menstruation. The main […]

Anti-Inflammatories and Reducing Inflammation Naturally

What is an anti-inflammatory? The FDA describes it as a medication to reduce inflammation (the body’s response to surgery, injury, irritation, or infection).  There are common anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) out there, such as Ibuprofen, Advil, Motrin and Aleve, but for those who suffer with chronic inflammation, these can have severe side effects and are not healthy […]