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Patient Story: Overcoming Chronic Pain After Multiple Traumas


 Pain due to multiple traumas, including four car accidents, made Trudy feel like a “very old, run down ship…devoid of life and vibrancy.” This is her story.

I arrived at the clinic with a great deal of hope. Not only was I feeling desperate to become a mother, but I had searched for years for someone to release my body from intense physical pain. After the first morning’s treatment, an image became clear in my mind, and a vision of what this therapy was going to do.

I saw a very old, run down ship,
almost like a pirate ship from the early 18th century. It was falling apart and could no longer sail as it was built to do. It was permanently anchored. It had obviously been abused and had never been given the loving attention it needed to return it to its original glory. The picture was in sepia tones, devoid of life and vibrancy. As I lay with this image I knew this was a metaphor for my body. It had been abused over the years through multiple traumas including four car accidents, and many falls onto back, tailbone and hip during sports or other intense activities. After years of searching for relief, I had resigned myself that no treatment would be able to return my body to its original state of glory – pain-free and functional.

During the week of therapy, I was delighted to find that the image began to change. Color returned to the picture and the ship started to take on its original magnificence. It looked anew again as if it had gone back in time and returned to a fully functional ship, able to sail through even the toughest of storms. Then I realized that this was what was happening to my body. The treatment was like going back in time for my body, back to a state when my entire body functioned healthily. I was becoming the vessel that could carry my future children into this world. I felt an enormous burden being lifted and a rising hope coming from within.

This metaphor was a vision that carried me through the amazing experience that I had during my week at Clear Passage. Now, for the first time in 16 years since my first motor vehicle accident, a therapist acknowledged and treated the underlying causes of my immense physical pain. I felt a renewed hope and excitement for the future. Being a physical therapist myself, I have been trained to think scientifically regarding treatment types and efficacy. Simply stated, the Wurn Technique makes sense, both anatomically and physiologically. The treatment is not rocket science to understand. It is simply a multitude of different manual techniques combined in such a way as to “un-glue” the areas that became adhered over a lifetime of healing. Once all individual parts of the body have freedom of movement, they begin to function better individually. Hence, each organ, system, and part can begin to synchronize and work in harmony. During the course of therapy, I felt my entire body begin to regain mobility and function – in various areas.

I have been home for only two weeks, but I am already feeling so different it is almost hard to describe. The constant pain in my mid and lower back, which I had previously learned to live with, has improved immensely, and certain areas feel completely pain-free (an amazing statement for me). I used to awaken every morning and the first thing I felt was pain. Now I awaken and can start my day in a positive mental and emotional state, without the heavy burden of chronic pain. My entire abdomen is softer and more mobile, and I can breathe more deeply than I ever knew was possible. My balance is remarkably better, and my range of motion is greatly increased in almost every joint of my body. In addition, my digestion has greatly improved, and my overall functional level has increased immensely.

I no longer think of my body as my enemy. Now it is the vessel that is allowing me to travel more easily, and experience a high quality of life again.

The gratefulness I have for the therapists at Clear Passage is truly boundless. The therapists are amazing, warm-hearted individuals who work from a heart space of love and compassion. Their innovative, time-intensive treatments give results in areas way beyond the scope of reproductive health. They have helped bring my body back in time to an overall healthier state where bodily systems work better, and with better communication.

I also feel that my body is now healthy and strong enough to be the vessel for our children. I finally have been able to accept the help I so desperately needed – and I did it for me so that I can live a healthy, active life. Becoming a mother will be a much-welcomed result, but even before that, the treatment I received at CPT was the best investment I have ever made, a true investment in me.

Read more patient stories in our book, Overcome Infertility and Pain, Naturally.

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