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Six Back-Saving Tips for Holiday Shoppers

Clear Passage Therapies offers six back-saving tips to help holiday shoppers ease or eliminate back pain during an all-day shopping spree.

Gainesville, FL November 21, 2008 — Clear Passage Therapies, a recognized leader in manual physical therapy for adhesions, pain, and infertility, offers six back-saving tips for holiday shoppers hitting the malls and outlets this season.

“Your low back is the center and core of your body,” says Larry Wurn, President and Director of Clinical Studies, Clear Passage Therapies. “Taking care of your low back is key in maintaining a strong, healthy body overall.”

According to Wurn, the six major tips shoppers should use to reduce potential back pain associated with a long day of shopping are

  1. Wear comfortable shoes with good cushioning support; flip-flops and high heeled shoes are not recommended.
  2. Avoid carrying any weight (e.g. purse, presents, or a baby) on one side of your body. “Weighty objects should be carried close to the center of your body to minimize stress on your low. back,” he said. “Hold them in close – or use a back-pack attached evenly on both shoulders.”
  3. Condense your large purse to a smaller lightweight satchel to keep the excess weight to a minimum.
  4. When you can, use a cart instead of a hand-basket for your purchases. A cart will not only take a huge weight off your shoulders and back, it will lend valuable support to your low back.
  5. Don’t let the stress of shopping cause you to lift your shoulders. High shoulders are inefficient, carry less weight and can quickly cause neck pain or headaches during a day of shopping. Let your shoulders relax onto your chest; then use your arms to lift, keeping your packages low and close to your body.
  6. Concrete and tiled floors can be hard on the back so take regular breaks to sit, or elevate your feet. A 5 to 10 minute break off your feet for every hour of shopping is a good plan.

Wurn and his wife, Belinda, are currently co-authoring a book, ‘Miracle Moms, Better Sex, Less Pain’, that examines their non-surgical manual physical therapy (Wurn Technique®). The therapy has been shown in peer-reviewed medical journals to reduce adhesions, decrease pain, and restore function. It has proven effective for many people without the risks or side effects of surgery or drugs. It can be used as a stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with other treatments.

‘Miracle Moms’ will be published this winter, with medical insights by research gynecologist and co-author Richard King, MD. A ‘sneak peek’ is available at the Clear Passage Therapies blog to spur discussion with readers on important topics. A free e-book excerpt chapter will be available in December at

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