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Alternative to IVF, Pregnancy Rates Phenomenal

An infertility treatment that doesn’t harvest eggs or runs the risk of having to abort fetus or unused eggs

 “A few doctors said we should win a Nobel Prize for developing a method to decrease adhesions non-surgically,” says massage therapist Larry Wurn. With infertility treatments morality being questioned there arises a need for a viable, safe, effective, and inexpensive alternative to IVF.

IVF cost up to $25,000 per round of treatment and only reach pregnancy rates of almost 70% after SIX rounds of treatment.  Clear Passage Therapies most current published success rate for opening blocked tubes is 69% for tubes that were not surgically repaired before therapy, AFTER ONE ROUND OF TREATMENT. Clear Passage is a fraction of the cost of IVF and is only a week of therapy versus the months and months of infertility treatment needed for IVF.

More and more women are questioning the effectiveness of IVF and are beginning to wonder if there are other ways to open fallopian tube, increase FSH and AMH, (pregnancy hormones) naturally.  The morality of unused eggs during IVF is also a concern for many.  There is a therapy that answers all these issues.

Clear Passage’s therapists have opened totally blocked fallopian tubes in hundreds of women and cleared life-threatening intestinal blockages in others per research done at Clear Passage® Therapies..

“Initial reports surprised us,” says co-founder Larry Wurn. “We were treating women with pain when several diagnosed with total tubal blockage became pregnant naturally. The Chief of Staff of a large nearby hospital became fascinated; he encouraged us to conduct research to see if we could repeat the results. When studies showed we could consistently open these tiny tubes, we started using it to clear larger tubes – the intestines.”

The focus of the therapy is to decrease internal scars called adhesions. Physical therapist Belinda Wurn says “Adhesions are a huge problem in medicine. They can act like glue in the body, squeezing organs or attaching them to other structures with powerful bonds. They are the main cause of blocked fallopian tubes and bowel obstructions. This therapy appears to reverse the process of adhesion formation it’s a bit like taking the body back to a time before the adhesions formed.”

“Fallopian tubes must be open for sperm to meet egg and create life; intestines must be clear to sustain life. If either is prevented, processes that create and sustain human life cannot occur,” says surgeon Richard King, MD. “As doctors, we are taught to treat these conditions by surgery, but post-surgical adhesions tend to close these organs, threatening the ability to live or have a natural pregnancy. This therapy avoids surgical problems; it appears to decrease or eliminate adhesions by detaching the bonds within them.” Therapy also avoids any ethical or moral issues IVF pose, as Clear Passage is all natural.

Safety and effectiveness of the therapy is supported by several peer-reviewed citations and studies published in medical journals available via PubMed and the National Library of Medicine.

Please watch a 6-minute patient story:

Available in the U.S.A. and in England, treatment is generally performed over five days, with two hours of hands-on therapy each morning and afternoon. No drugs or surgery are used. Applicants complete a Medical History Form which Clear Passage reviews at no charge to determine appropriateness and likely success rates. For more information, call 352-336-1433, email or visit

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