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Resolving Hydrosalpinx

In the past, a fallopian tube swollen and filled with liquid (a hydrosalpinx) was considered beyond repair and non-functional. In fact, many reproductive endocrinologists still feel the best way to treat a hydrosalpinx is to remove the tube and proceed with IVF.

Belinda and Larry Wurn opened Clear Passage Therapies when they discovered their manual physical therapy could open blocked fallopian tubes. What they didn’t know at the time was that their therapy could also treat a hydrosalpinx.

After a few patients with hydrosalpinx came for treatment and their tubes unexpectedly opened afterward, the Wurns began treating hydrosalpinx regularly. Scientific studies and data have shown that their treatment resolves 50% of hydrosalpinx cases.

One such instance was that of Gabriel. After adhesions had formed around her right fallopian tube from an earlier nephrectomy (removal of a kidney), doctors removed the tube. Gabriel later learned that her left tube was blocked with hydrosalpinx. Her doctor advised her to have the tube surgically removed and then proceed with IVF. Gabriel decided to wait and consider her options.

During this time, she came across the CPT website and decided to come to our clinic for an intensive week of therapy. The next month, Gabriel became naturally pregnant. She told us, “Our pregnancy was beautiful. I just loved being pregnant. The delivery was magical and more tears of joy flowed.”

Gabriel’s full story, along with the stories of 75 former CPT patients, will be featured in our upcoming book Miracle Moms, Better Sex, Less Pain.

Learn more about our treatment for hydrosalpinx.

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