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Two Natural Pregnancies After Secondary Infertility: NBC and Fox-TV Anchor Linda Vester’s Story

Linda Vester, a former NBC and Fox-TV anchor, talks about her struggle with secondary infertility and how Clear Passage helped her achieve not one — but two — natural pregnancies.

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I’m Linda Vester. For many years I was an anchor and correspondent for NBC News and then an anchor for Fox News channel. I’ve seen a lot around the world, seen a few war zones; I have to say that up until I tried to have children, I never felt such a sense of desperation – I tried to have kids and couldn’t. When I got married, we had Meredith really easily and then I had something called secondary infertility, unexplained secondary infertility. Which is ‘medical speak’ for the doctors don’t know why you can’t have a baby. They just didn’t know. We tried IUI, timed intercourse, Clomid — but nothing. We did one IVF and we got our son, and then after that, nothing worked. We tried it all again; we tried more IVF’s and failed. The more we tried, the more I felt like a failure. I can’t tell you what it’s like to look around the neighborhood and see pregnant women everywhere and it’s not you. That sense of failure — I know a lot of women feel it. The doctors just didn’t know why.

So, I went on the Internet because I was determined to have another child with my husband and I found Clear Passage. They treated me in 2008 and, within one month, I was pregnant with our third child and then right after that, pregnant naturally with our fourth. They gave us the babies we were yearning for and I’m really grateful.

I come from a long line of doctors so I know my way around medicine. I can tell you it is particularly frustrating when conventional medicine runs out of options and you’re trying to have a baby, knowing your time is running out. There are just limitations to conventional medicine when it comes to fertility – they have a limited bag of tricks. I was one of those women who were just not going to give up — I was going to stand on my head if that’s what it took to find a way to get pregnant. Luckily, I found Clear Passage after searching on the Internet. It was nothing I’d ever heard of but it made sense when they explained it to me and it worked.

So here I was 43 years old, one month after being treated by Clear Passage and then I was pregnant – after 43. Easy pregnancy, easy delivery. Right after that, pregnant naturally at 45 with our fourth child. It sounded a little unconventional but it was a whole lot less expensive than the conventional IVF and I was still willing to mix them both. For women who are on limited budgets, it’s a no-brainer. I mean you could spend tens of thousands of dollars on in vitro or you could spend a fraction of that getting therapy at Clear Passage. Why not try it? One of the great things about getting treated at Clear Passage is once they opened up my reproductive area, I didn’t have to go back for IVF. I got pregnant with our third, and then at age 45, I got pregnant naturally with our fourth child. I didn’t have to go back for the expense and the pain of IVF.


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