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Join Our Team

Thank you for your interest in Clear Passage Physical Therapy® and our proprietary method for treating chronic pain, infertility and bowel obstruction. Our clinics stand at the forefront of quality in manual soft tissue therapy, through excellence of services and a strong commitment to creating meaningful scientific and clinical research in new areas of physical therapy. We are committed to training certified physical therapists in the Wurn Technique® in an effort to expand our ground-breaking work throughout the nation. Therapists will be personally trained and tested by the developers of the Wurn Technique® to ensure the best possible training experience.

The Opportunity

Become a pioneer in manual physical therapy with a great team! We invite you to apply to join us either as an addition to our national staff or as an affiliated therapist providing this therapy in your own pre-established clinic. Either way, you will enjoy the personal and professional rewards of being a true pioneer in a new area of physical therapy.

Benefits You Will Enjoy

Scheduling Benefits
  • Virtually no cancellations
  • Freedom from the low reimbursement, paperwork and constraints of managed care
Educational Benefits
  • Ability to learn a pioneering and effective therapy that can and has been shown to give life and also save lives using only hands
  • Training in a unique proprietary method
Credibility Benefits
  • Patient testimonials by previous patients
  • Added credibility of results published in respected medical journals
  • Added credibility of Advisory Council of physicians from Harvard, Columbia, Northwestern Medical schools and the founder of the national Endometriosis Association
Marketing Benefits
  • Increasing international brand recognition
  • Marketing support and materials provided by national headquarters
  • Press in major magazines
  • Mentions in published books
  • Growing credibility through a network of radio interviews
  • Social media outreach campaigns
  • Web and social media presence on blogs and support forums for various conditions

Professional Requirements

Since our work is a manual soft-tissue therapy program, all of our clinics, whether owned by us or by affiliated therapists, are under the direction of a licensed physical therapist. To be successful with this patient population, our therapists need a significant background in manual soft tissue skills – both in continuing education as well as experience.

At this time we are accepting resumes from PTs and PTAs. If you are a PTA, we encourage you to apply, but please be aware that we can only train PTAs that will be working under the direction of a PT. If you qualify and are interested, please start the application process by:

  1. Emailing your resume (including continuing education courses taken) to
  2. Completing the form

Background Course Requirements

We are looking for therapists with extensive manual soft tissue therapy skills, such as Myofascial Release, Visceral Manipulation, Craniosacral Therapy and muscle energy techniques. We also prefer that you have some experience in women’s health and urogenital treatment.

Let us know about your background and experience and we’ll tell you what additional courses or experience we feel that you need. At our certification training, we will teach you the additional skills you will need in order to succeed in this work.

On-Site Training

We are currently only able to offer training to our own staff and to affiliated therapists. In order to keep quality of care at its highest standard for our patients, we work hard to find the best manual therapists available. We accept only those who can demonstrate exceptional manual skills.

All training is done in our Gainesville, FL office. After reading and testing on information contained in a 600-page Therapist Training Manual (200+ techniques), we provide an intensive two-week training program. This consists of closely supervised one-on-one training with the Wurns and their certified instructors. Therapist trainees are tested on over 200 specific required techniques before they can be certified to practice the Wurn Technique®.

If you’d like a free consult, please take 20 minutes and fill out this form and we can determine if therapy would be a good fit for you.