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Study: A Medical Massage Reduced Life-Threatening Bowel Obstructions Significantly

First used to open blocked Fallopian tubes, the therapy is now being used to clear bowel obstruction

Gainesville, FL, May 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bowel obstructions are a highly dangerous health condition, but a recent medical massage breakthrough is now reducing, or eliminating, these health threats using a safe, nonsurgical, hands-on technique. Small bowel obstruction (SBO) has a 100% fatality rate when it stops food from passing through the body. Its repair is the second most frequent emergency room surgery in the U.S. and has the highest rate of complications (47%)¹. Because abdominal surgery is widely regarded as the primary cause of repeat obstructions, patients leave the hospital in fear of another life-threatening obstruction, caused by the last surgery. Thus, repeat obstructions are common.

Until recently, no scientific studies have shown the ability to decrease or eliminate SBO events. Now people looking for treatment to prevent obstructions have an unexpected option – a natural, hands-on therapy that requires no drugs and no surgery.

A unique form of bodywork initially developed to treat some causes of female infertility is changing the outlook for these patients dramatically. After studies showed that this therapy could open blocked fallopian tubes for infertile women²,³,⁴, physical therapists and scientists in Florida modified their treatment to address post-surgical adhesions and blockages in the bowel (intestines). In doing so, they reduced the incidence of repeat SBO significantly – at 15 times the norm according to a controlled study in the World Journal of Gastroenterology⁵.

Called the Clear Passage® Approach, this medical massage has been shown in several peer-reviewed studies to effectively decrease adhesions – the internal scars that can form anywhere in the body as the first step in healing from a surgery, infection, injury or inflammation. Once the body has recovered, adhesions tend to remain in place where they can block organs from functioning normally. Therapists at Clear Passage demonstrated that this innovative technique releases those adhesions and improves these conditions – all without drugs or surgery.

“The therapy has been shown to be safe, with lower risk and costs than surgery,” said physical therapist Belinda Wurn, a developer of the Clear Passage® Approach. “As an outpatient treatment, it avoids hospitalization and costs a small fraction of the cost of surgery. According to the study, bowel surgery averages $114,175, and has a 6.7% fatality rate. This therapy has been judged safe at a cost of $7,500.”

“Adhesions are a major problem after surgery,” said study author Dr. Janey Pratt, a surgeon of 20+ years who recently moved from Harvard to Stanford medical schools. “Beyond causing pain, they can be lethal when they squeeze or kink the intestines closed. This therapy appears to reverse that condition for some patients.”

Paula, a recent Clear Passage patient, suffered from debilitating bowel obstructions for 6 years before receiving Clear Passage therapy.

“Before I came to Clear Passage, my belly was quite hard from the adhesions after surgeries for cancer and hernia repair,” said Paula. “Now (after therapy) my belly has softened up and I haven’t had any bowel issues. The bloating and distension in my belly is gone. I can eat more of a regular diet. The difference is night and day. Knowing that I likely will never have to go through another surgery again makes me truly joyful.”

“Even talking with my husband about what I’ve been through, he cries to think that I won’t have to go through it again on a daily basis,” she said.

While Clear Passage provides a unique physical therapy, it sets itself apart from other clinics in other ways:

• The Clear Passage® Approach and its success rates have been examined and cited in over a dozen published citations and studies in peer-reviewed medical journals, and

• The Clear Passage® Approach includes the Wurn Technique®; a collection of over 200 manual therapy techniques developed and refined for over 30 years by Larry and Belinda Wurn;

The course of treatment cited in the studies is typically 20 hours over 5 days, shown in studies to be the most effective for decreasing adhesions. Clear Passage has trained therapists in several cities in the United States and United Kingdom.

Clinics in Gainesville, Florida and Manhattan, New York are open and safe for patients to attend now with others opening weekly. Staff and therapists take extensive precautions and follow CDC guidelines for PPE and sanitization methods.

To learn more about how Clear Passage successfully treats repeating bowel obstructions, infertility, chronic and post-surgical pain, visit their website at or call (352) 336-1433.

1 JAMA Surg. 2016 Jun 15;151(6):e160480.


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