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The Significance of the Questionnaire

One of the frequently asked questions I receive during a phone conversation with someone inquiring into Clear Passage is, “Why do I need to submit a health questionnaire before I can schedule services?” I hope the brief summary below will give you a better understanding as to the relevance of the health questionnaire.

The health questionnaire plays an important part in Clear Passage as it allows our therapists to review your past medical history which aids them in determining whether our services are appropriate for you.

Each individual has his/her own personal experiences in which you have lived through and the questionnaire is a tool used to help our therapists understand your individual needs and goals. For example, let’s say that you have a history of ovarian cysts, which you indicated on your questionnaire. However, if you did not completely fill in the section specially designed for cysts, that would then impair the review process as we would need additional information supporting any past actions taken regarding your ovarian cysts. In the end, we would request that you send us additional information to aid in a final determination as to whether our treatment is appropriate for you.

The questionnaire also assists our Therapist Director at the time of your phone consultation, as it gives her an opportunity to have a look at your past medical history which aids her during the question and answer process of the phone consultation.

I hope that this short summary has given you a better understanding of the relevance of the health questionnaire.  I look forward to having the opportunity to speak with you!

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