Women’s Health Issues

Treating Women's Health Issues

Our approach to women’s health is different from most physio/physical therapy clinics. Our patients tend to be complicated, with severe constant or recurring pain that disrupts their lives — and often their relationships with partners and loved ones. Whether the pain is associated with periods, intercourse, endometriosis, or due to a surgery, trauma or abuse, our patients often have a history of healing that indicates adhesions have formed in their bodies. Most arrive at our clinics having found little or no relief elsewhere. Most leave reporting significant relief of pain and increased quality of life.

What We Treat For Women's Health

Menstrual Pain

We Treat Menstrual Pain Naturally The cause of menstrual pain is often elusive. We have successfully treated many women who

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Endometriosis Pain

We Treat Endometriosis Pain Naturally Clear Passage®️ is a world leader in treating endometriosis pain naturally, without surgery or drugs.

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Intercourse Pain

We Increase Female Desire, Orgasm, Lubrication and Sexual Function Naturally Eliminate Painful Sex, Improve Sexual Function Clear Passage®️ is a

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Genital Mutilation

We Treat Problems Resulting From Genital Mutilation Naturally The physical scars and adhesions that develop after genital mutilation can remain

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Cervical Stenosis

We Treat Cervical Stenosis Naturally  Cervical fibrosis or stenosis (stiffening) can be a significant problem for women who have infertility or deep intercourse

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We have been treating adhesions in the body since 1989. We hand-pick each therapist based on years of manual therapy experience, courses attended before we train them, their palpation and treatment skills, their focus, and their compassion. We train each extensively in the therapy we have researched and developed over the course over three decades.


We have developed our treatment over 30+ years with two goals: safety and effectiveness. We screen each patient for contraindications to therapy. We have treated several thousand complex cases and conditions.We often consult with physicians and scientists throughout the treatment process to ensure the positive outcomes. Our procedures have been documented as safe. They are tailored to each patient’s needs.


We avoid risks due to our thorough screening process. The major risk is temporary soreness. Side-effects of therapy are generally positive, including increased function, increased range of motion, and decreased pain.

Success Rates:

Our success rates are clear. They are peer-reviewed and published. Our success with long-term outcomes is encouraging. View our success rates.

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Clear Passage®️ strives to provide our patients with the finest hands-on therapy in the world. We team with each patient and focus 100% of our effort on each patient’s goals, in a professional but compassionate environment. 

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