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30 Internal Scarring Facts for National Self-Check Month

30 Internal Scarring Facts for National Self-Check Month February is National Self-Check Month. Internal scarring (adhesions) in your pelvic region can occur throughout your life due to surgeries, accidents, and even natural wear and tear. This self-check month is meant for you to implement preventative health measures. These can include making better dietary choices, performing […]

Studies: Clear Passage® Medical Massage Has Been Replacing Some Invasive Surgeries

An image of doctors discussing Endometriosis surgery risks.

A ‘hands-on’ physical therapy is opening blocked fallopian tubes in some infertile women and delaying or replacing surgery for some life-threatening bowel obstructions GAINESVILLE, Fla., March 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Blocked fallopian tubes are a major cause of female infertility, sending most women to surgery or in vitro fertilization (IVF). In a recent study, a treatment that […]

Post-Surgical Pain and Adhesions

Chronic pain post surgical adhesion patient testimonial

Treating Post-Surgical Pain Clear Passage®️ is a world leader in decreasing or eliminating adhesions through manual physio/physical therapy. With over two decades of experience, studies on our work have been published in peer-reviewed U.S. and international medical journals. Because our work is non-surgical, new adhesions do not appear to form after therapy.  Complete our online […]

Avoid Surgery for Adhesions

“I want to express my gratitude to Clear Passage Therapies for what you were able to do for me. The wonderful work you perform deserves recognition. I am a woman who has had four surgeries. For me the surgery caused adhesions that became extremely painful. If it were not for Clear Passage Physical Therapy, I […]

Abdominal / Pelvic Adhesions

We Decrease or Eliminate Adhesions Without Surgery Overview Adhesions, the internal scars that tend to form whenever the body heals, are a major problem for patients and their physicians.  While these internal scars initially formed to help the body heal from tissue damage, adhesions tend to remain long after the initial tissue damage has passed. […]

Fascia and Fascial Adhesions

What is Fascia? Fascia, pronounced fah-sha is an incredibly important but often misunderstood type of tissue in the body. Fascia is the most abundant connective tissue inside the body. A thin casing of connective tissue, fascia, wraps around and holds everything inside your body together, including muscles, organs, nerves, blood vessels, etc. On top of connecting […]

What You Need to Know About Pelvic Adhesions

What are Pelvic Adhesions? Many women are not receiving the education needed from their doctors about adhesions. Very few women even know they have adhesions. Most commonly known as “scar tissue,” adhesions are simply scar tissue that forms inside the body. Once formed, the body has no way to deal with the scar tissue so […]

How to Tell if You Have Adhesions After C-Section ( C-Section Scar Tissue)

infertility caused by adhesions chronic pain caused by adhesions Table of Contents C-sections are one of the most common surgeries in the U.S. For many women a c-section isn’t a choice — it is the only safe way to deliver the baby. Most c-section are routine and go as planned. However, many women are unaware […]

Patient Story: No Longer Shackled by Adhesions

After being bedridden for 10 years and unable to eat solid food for eight, Gwynn knew she had to find a non-surgical solution for her pain and recurring bowel obstructions. Hear her remarkable story of fighting to get her life back and make sure she would be able to be a part of her grandchildren’s […]