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How to Prevent Surgery Adhesions

Q: I have adhesions as a result of a serious abdominal surgery several years ago. I’ve researched different treatments and it sounds like my only option is to have surgery to clear the adhesions. I’ve been advised not to go this route because I’ll have more adhesions as a result of the surgery. Is there any way to prevent surgery adhesions? – Doug

A: Thank you for sending in this question, Doug.

Preventing the formation of adhesions — bands of internal scar tissue that can bind organs and structures together to cause pain — is difficult. That’s because adhesions form as part of the body’s natural healing process. Adhesions, therefore, develop in response to infection, inflammation, surgery or trauma. Mainstream medicine’s solution for decreasing adhesions has been a surgical procedure, in which the surgeon either burns or cuts the adhesions.

However, the unfortunate reality is that the very surgery designed to remove adhesions almost always causes more to form. A fact sheet from the Victorian Minister for Health advises that “Surgical removal of adhesions may be pointless, except to remedy serious problems like bowel obstruction. In around 70 percent of cases, the operation to remove the original adhesions will cause more adhesions to develop.” The answer is, therefore, to avoid surgery for removing adhesions if possible and investigate non-surgical treatment options.

Our therapists have 20 years of experience treating chronic pain, without surgery or drugs. They use their hands and a protocol of over 100 manual techniques to detach the cross-links that form adhesions. This therapy has allowed patients with post-surgical adhesions to:

  • put an end to a seemingly endless cycle of “adhesions-surgery-adhesions”
  • return to the pain-free, functional life they lived prior to developing adhesions
  • improve their quality of life

We invite you to watch the following video, in which you’ll hear a former patient discuss his experience with Clear Passage and our non-surgical treatment of adhesions.


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