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How Can Therapy Help

Internal scars called adhesions such as those that form after surgery are the primary cause of bowel obstructions. For decades, the only treatment known to decrease adhesions was surgery. Understanding the problem, therapists at Clear Passage® have spent over 30 years focused on decreasing adhesions without causing new post-surgical adhesions.

Adhesions are largely composed of tiny collagen fibers. They develop strength by bonding to each other in a process called crosslinking, similar to the bonding that occurs between the strands of a nylon rope. The focus of our therapy is to deform and detach the bonds that attach the collagen strands, thus shredding and dissipating the adhesions that cause obstructions. As we do, our therapy appears to take that area back in time to the state it was in before the adhesions formed.

Published studies in numerous peer-reviewed medical journals and housed at the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) cite Clear Passage® as safe and effective for decreasing adhesions in the abdomen and pelvis. No other non-surgical treatment or bodywork has been shown to be effective for decreasing adhesions within or among the organs of the human body.

We will work to get you into therapy as quickly as possible, often in as little as two weeks. First, we need to make sure it is safe to treat you. If you have had a recent gut surgery, we need to wait 90 days before we can treat you. Beyond that, you need to complete and send us a document sharing your goals for therapy, your present condition and your lifetime history of healing events.

You can call, text or email us to make initial enquiries via the following methods:

Applying for treatment is free, educational and relatively easy. Start by completing our Medical History Form (about 20 minutes). Here, you will share your goals for therapy along with your lifetime history of surgery, injury and other healing events. We examine that document thoroughly to help determine:

  • where adhesions may have formed in your body
  • if we feel our work can help you, and to what extent
  • whether any cautions or contraindications appear that we need to discuss with you, your doctor or each other before we can accept you for therapy.

We respond quickly, generally within 2 to 3 workdays. If we have concerns, we may ask you to send in medical records or typed operative or surgical reports. We are glad to work with your physician to keep you safe and assure your best outcome.

Most people drive or fly on the weekend to one of our facilities located in California, several U.S. cities, London England and near the British entry to the Chunnel from Europe to Canterbury, UK. Our headquarters is located in Gainesville, Florida (USA).

The protocol with results cited in medical literature consists of 20 hours of therapy often delivered over five days, Monday – Friday. Patients receive two treatment hours each morning and afternoon with a break for lunch. Some of our locations allow weekend therapy with additional charge for the therapist. Lodging at a nearby hotel or rental is your choice, not part of our services. We suggest you book a place with a bathtub; Epson salt baths help lessen any soreness from treatment. Patients with a history of bowel obstruction are strongly encouraged to wait an additional day or two after therapy before boarding a plane (e.g., complete therapy on Friday afternoon and fly home on Sunday.)

You may bring a friend or partner who is invited, but not required to attend therapy sessions. Patients under 18 years old must have a parent or guardian present during all therapy sessions. As an outpatient procedure, therapy can leave you a bit sore but free to explore the area where you are staying. You can eat at nearby restaurants. We suggest keeping breakfasts and lunches light to make treatment more effective and comfortable.

Your comfort level is important to us. While most patients just wear underwear during treatment, we provide adequate pillows, blankets and towels to keep you warm and comfortable. As you are able, we will have you walk or swim during the week to help your body adjust to its new structure as we free you of adhesive bonds. Bring comfortable clothes, walking shoes and a bathing suit if you might like to swim. Bring a 2-pound bag of Epson salts for evening soaks and any anti-inflammatory such as Ibuprofen (or something natural) to help decrease soreness from therapy. It is common to feel quite tired each evening. Bring a book or tablet to entertain yourself in your room each evening.

CREATE A VISION FOR SUCCESS. From the beginning, create a vision of yourself walking out of therapy the last day having achieved everything you came for. Be specific: envision how you are dressed, how you feel when you stand, walk and breathe. Create realistic goals for the end of therapy such as “I want to walk for an hour with no pain” or “I want to look in the mirror each morning and not think ‘is this the day I am going to obstruct again?’ Instead, I want to look at myself and think ‘I feel great; I’ve taken care of the major part of my bowel problems. With the tools and education Clear Passage® has given me, I know exactly what to do to care for the body I have by myself. I know how to deal with any symptoms I might ever feel and how to avoid another obstruction – so I can return to the life I envision.’ ”

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If you’d like a free consult, please take 20 minutes and fill out this form and we can determine if therapy would be a good fit for you.