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Hydrosalpinx Treatment

Table of Contents Clear Passage®️ is a world leader with over three decades of experience in the non-surgical opening of fallopian tubes diagnosed with hydrosalpinx (swollen tubes). Once opened by us, formerly swollen tubes drain the liquid within them, and fertility returns for many women. The therapy, which can feel like a slow and deep site-specific […]

Patient Story: From Menopause at 35 to Three Kids

Hormonal Menopause, Only Remaining Tube Blocked with Hydrosalpinx – Jen’s Story I’ve always been a healthy, positive person with big dreams. I knew someday I would meet that special someone and start a family. From an early age, I always knew I wanted children. I come from a long line of fertility. My grandmother gave […]

Hydrosalpinx: Your Questions Answered

Hydrosalpinx refers to fluid that collects within the fallopian tubes after an injury or infection and affects a woman’s fertility. We recently received several questions about this hydrosalpinx and how to treat this condition. Read on as Clear Passage Director of Services Belinda Wurn, PT, answers. Q: Can I get pregnant if I have hydrosalpinx? […]

Treating Hydrosalpinx Infertility

The Wurn Technique is a non-surgical infertility treatment that uses pelvic physical therapy to decrease the adhesions causing tubal damage and hydrosalpinx. Once mobility is restored, the previously blocked tube(s) often regains normal function, creating a free path for conception to occur. Many women with a diagnosis of hydrosalpinx became pregnant naturally after receiving this hands- on therapy.

Resolving Hydrosalpinx

In the past, a fallopian tube swollen and filled with liquid (a hydrosalpinx) was considered beyond repair and non-functional. In fact, many reproductive endocrinologists still feel the best way to treat a hydrosalpinx is to remove the tube and proceed with IVF. Belinda and Larry Wurn opened Clear Passage Therapies when they discovered their manual […]