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The Clear Passage Insider – Spring 2018 Issue

New Adhesions Book Published Written by the founders of Clear Passage, this book will provide you with an excellent overview and understanding of the internal scars called adhesions. Invisible to most diagnostic tests, your doctor can miss or disregard adhesions as a cause of your problems. After a lifetime of studying these commonly overlooked but […]

For Healthcare Providers: Women’s Health Issues and Female Infertility

Overview Our manual physical therapy is often effective treating mechanical factors (collagenous cross-links, micro-adhesions, and adhesions) that occur in and around the female reproductive system. In published studies, the therapy has been shown to improve mobility, motility and organ function. We often do well with complex conditions: women with challenging pain or dysfunction. When medical […]

Ask the Experts

Belinda and Larry Wurn are experts in manual therapy for chronic pain and dysfunction, such as endometriosis, intercourse pain, adhesion-related disorders and female infertility. Together, they have more than 50 years of clinical experience treating a wide variety of complex conditions. Studies have been published about their work in some of the most prestigious medical […]

The Significance of the Questionnaire

One of the frequently asked questions I receive during a phone conversation with someone inquiring into Clear Passage is, “Why do I need to submit a health questionnaire before I can schedule services?” I hope the brief summary below will give you a better understanding as to the relevance of the health questionnaire. The health […]