Avoid IVF

What is IVF? IVF is the process of combining an egg with sperm “in vitro” (in glass) in a laboratory setting. The fertilized egg is

Women’s Health Issues

Treating Women’s Health Issues Our approach to women’s health is different from most physio/physical therapy clinics. Our patients tend to be complicated, with severe constant

Infertility Treatment

Treating Female Infertility With numerous studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals, Clear Passage’s hands-on physical therapy has been featured on the ABC, CBS, and NBC

Chronic Pain

Non-Surgical, Drug-Free Chronic Pain Treatment Chronic pain is a core focus of our work at Clear Passage®️. Whether debilitating or simply annoying, pain robs our

Digestive Issues

Treating Abdominal Problems The hands-on therapy at Clear Passage®️ focuses on decreasing the adhesions (internal scars) that form when the body heals. Published studies show