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Sexual Health in Women Experiencing Sexual Pain: The Answer

sexual health for women

Women who don’t experience pleasure during sexual intercourse often suffer alone because they don’t know where to turn for help. For one, it may be hard for them to define the problem—they may not know what type of experience they’re searching for or how to get there, especially if they’ve never experienced an orgasm. For […]

7 Questions to Ask Yourself As You Self-Check/Self-Examine

self check month image

7 Questions to Ask Yourself As You Self-Check/Self-Examine Even though national self-check month has ended, we at Clear Passage are devoted to encouraging people to become more familiar with their bodies by performing a self-evaluation or medical self-check. A “medical self-check” includes examining your body and then following up on any findings, as well as […]

30 Internal Scarring Facts for National Self-Check Month

30 Internal Scarring Facts for National Self-Check Month February is National Self-Check Month. Internal scarring (adhesions) in your pelvic region can occur throughout your life due to surgeries, accidents, and even natural wear and tear. This self-check month is meant for you to implement preventative health measures. These can include making better dietary choices, performing […]

C-Section Pain

We Treat C-Section Pain Naturally, Without Surgery or Drugs The body forms adhesions after surgical procedures, including C-section. Clear Passage®️ is a world leader in treating pelvic pain with a non-surgical manual physio/physical therapy. We have over three decades of experience treating C-section and intercourse pain. Studies on our work, including success rates, have been […]

Hysterectomy Pain

We Treat Hysterectomy Pain Naturally, Without Surgery or Drugs Hysterectomy is a major surgery performed in some of the deepest parts of the body. This surgery can cause adhesions to form, creating pain that lasts long after the surgery. Clear Passage® Physical Therapy is a world leader in the non-surgical, drug-free treatment of pelvic pain […]

Cervical Stenosis

We Treat Cervical Stenosis Naturally Cervical fibrosis or stenosis (stiffening) can be a significant problem for women who have infertility or deep intercourse pain (dyspareunia). In some cases, women do not realize that they have cervical stenosis. You can often diagnose it yourself by feeling your cervix. Is it soft and pliable, or is it quite firm? If […]

Genital Mutilation

We Treat Problems Resulting From Genital Mutilation Naturally The physical scars and adhesions that develop after genital mutilation can remain in the body for a lifetime, serving as painful reminders of an abusive procedure. Invisible to diagnostic tests, adhesions act like tiny straitjackets, binding delicate structures and causing pain. Our therapists provide a safe and […]

Intercourse Pain

“Intercourse used to be extremely painful for me. It became increasingly difficult when my husband and I tried for five years to become pregnant. After my treatment at Clear Passage, intercourse pain decreased and I later became pregnant!”​ Yvonne Patient Eliminate Painful Sex,Improve Sexual Function Clear Passage®️ is a world leader with over two decades […]

Endometriosis Pain

We Treat Endometriosis Pain Naturally Clear Passage®️ is a world leader in treating endometriosis pain naturally, without surgery or drugs. With over three decades of experience, studies and citations on our physio/physical therapy treating endometriosis and intercourse pain have been published in numerous peer-reviewed U.S. and international medical journals. Complete our online Request Consultation form to receive […]

High Success Rates Treating Intercourse Pain, Naturally

We Treat Intercourse Pain Naturally, Without Surgery or Drugs Patients often report profound changes after receiving our hands-on, non-surgical therapy for painful intercourse. Our therapists decrease pain, increase sexual intercourse, and restore the pleasure of intimacy and intercourse for most of the women we treat for pain. In doing so, we enrich their lives and […]