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Menstrual Pain

“Just wanted to let you know that I just finished a virtually pain-free menstruation for the first time since – I really can’t remember, it’s been so long! They were so awful before. Thank you SO much – I will continue to keep you informed of my progress.” Emily Patient We Treat Menstrual Pain Naturally […]

Still Feeling Pain Long After Giving Birth?

Millions of women are injured during childbirth. You are not alone – and there may be a solution. While the joys of motherhood can be great, it is not uncommon for women to sustain pelvic injuries, resulting in pelvic adhesions, during childbirth. Unfortunately, while the body generally heals, effects of these injuries can sometimes be […]

How to Tell if You Have Adhesions After C-Section ( C-Section Scar Tissue)

infertility caused by adhesions chronic pain caused by adhesions Table of Contents C-sections are one of the most common surgeries in the U.S. For many women a c-section isn’t a choice — it is the only safe way to deliver the baby. Most c-section are routine and go as planned. However, many women are unaware […]

Endometriosis Staging – The Four Stages of Endometriosis

Different Stages of Endometriosis  If you suspect that you may have endometriosis, it is important that you consult with your doctor and receive an accurate diagnosis. Endometriosis is commonly diagnosed via a pelvic exam or a surgical procedure called laparoscopy. As part of the diagnosis, the doctor will typically determine which stage of endo a […]

Dyspareunia Is Treatable – and More Common Than You Think

Is Painful Sex (Dyspareunia) Common? Did you know that dyspareunia is one of the most prevalent conditions among women? Sixty percent of women in the U.S. report having intercourse pain at some point in their lives. If there is one thing we want our readers to take away, it is that intercourse pain is more common […]

Four Ways to Support Women With Endometriosis

How to Support Women With Endo 1. Acknowledge their pain — don’t ignore or deny it Women with endometriosis oftentimes feel ignored. Whether it is a friend, partner, colleague, or family member, being told to “get over it” or “periods are supposed to be painful” can be extremely hurtful. Endometriosis is a real disorder; it […]

Patient Story: From Menopause at 35 to Three Kids

Hormonal Menopause, Only Remaining Tube Blocked with Hydrosalpinx – Jen’s Story I’ve always been a healthy, positive person with big dreams. I knew someday I would meet that special someone and start a family. From an early age, I always knew I wanted children. I come from a long line of fertility. My grandmother gave […]

Study: 1 in 5 Hysterectomies Are Unnecessary

Imagine going through an invasive surgery without being offered alternative options. Now imagine that the surgery didn’t alleviate the pain it was supposed to. This is a grim reality many women are facing, according to a study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology, which found that 1 in 5 U.S. women who […]

Study Points to Link Between C-Section and Adhesions

Adhesions and C-Sections New evidence suggests that pelvic adhesions are present in more than a third of women with a history of previous c-sections and that the adhesions are associated with chronic pelvic pain. “Prevalence of pelvic adhesions on ultrasound examination in women with a history of Caesarean section,” published in the July issue of […]