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Sexual Health in Women Experiencing Sexual Pain: The Answer

sexual health for women

Women who don’t experience pleasure during sexual intercourse often suffer alone because they don’t know where to turn for help. For one, it may be hard for them to define the problem—they may not know what type of experience they’re searching for or how to get there, especially if they’ve never experienced an orgasm. For […]

Intercourse Pain

“Intercourse used to be extremely painful for me. It became increasingly difficult when my husband and I tried for five years to become pregnant. After my treatment at Clear Passage, intercourse pain decreased and I later became pregnant!”​ Yvonne Patient Eliminate Painful Sex,Improve Sexual Function Clear Passage®️ is a world leader with over two decades […]

High Success Rates Treating Intercourse Pain, Naturally

We Treat Intercourse Pain Naturally, Without Surgery or Drugs Patients often report profound changes after receiving our hands-on, non-surgical therapy for painful intercourse. Our therapists decrease pain, increase sexual intercourse, and restore the pleasure of intimacy and intercourse for most of the women we treat for pain. In doing so, we enrich their lives and […]

Dyspareunia Is Treatable – and More Common Than You Think

Is Painful Sex (Dyspareunia) Common? Did you know that dyspareunia is one of the most prevalent conditions among women? Sixty percent of women in the U.S. report having intercourse pain at some point in their lives. If there is one thing we want our readers to take away, it is that intercourse pain is more common […]

Overcoming Intercourse Pain: Reclaiming Desire and Orgasm

TRANSCRIPT: Overcoming Intercourse Pain: Reclaiming  Desire and Orgasm This is what sex is supposed to feel like. This r­­ocks.  We can do this again. I had an orgasm for the first time in years. That sounds weird probably for some people, but for people who have dealt with chronic pelvic pain, not having orgasms goes […]

You Don’t Have to Cope with Painful Intercourse While Trying to Conceive

Many women who experience intercourse pain believe the pain is something they just have to live with or tolerate. They manage the pain by having sex sparingly or avoiding sex at times when it might be particularly painful (such as during ovulation or the week before). However, if a woman is trying to conceive, she […]

Causes of Decreased Sensation During Intercourse

Sexual intimacy and intercourse should provide some of life’s greatest pleasures. But because the female urogenital and reproductive organs are very susceptible to adhesions, intercourse can become painful, dissatisfying, and embarrassing. Many women still believe the old misconception that “there isn’t anything that can be done,” or “it’s just the way it is,” or “my […]

Three Common Causes of Deep Penetration Pain

Few women feel comfortable discussing painful intercourse, much less deep penetration pain. However, many women experience pain that lasts after initial entry. Some women report that “It feels like my partner is hitting something.” Other women experience a broader ache in their pelvis. So what can cause this type of pain? Below are three common […]