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You Don’t Have to Cope with Painful Intercourse While Trying to Conceive

Many women who experience intercourse pain believe the pain is something they just have to live with or tolerate. They manage the pain by having sex sparingly or avoiding sex at times when it might be particularly painful (such as during ovulation or the week before).

However, if a woman is trying to conceive, she cannot avoid sex or only have sex when it feels best for her. Emily, a former Clear Passage patient, struggled with just this problem. When she and her husband married, she was disappointed to find that sex was extremely painful. She told us that the pain “was almost unbearable.” Emily and her husband seldom had sex due to the pain, but when they decided to have children, she had to endure the pain. Emily told us, “We tried to have sex more often, and the stress of trying to push past the pain was making my menstrual cycles irregular.”

Painful intercourse is not normal. In fact, pain with intercourse is a clue that there might be something else wrong. Clear Passage has treated many women who experienced infertility and a large majority of them experienced painful intercourse as well. We feel that painful intercourse is a sign that adhesions have formed in the reproductive tract, possibly adhering, restricting, and preventing proper function and fertility.

When Emily came to us for help, Clear Passage therapists delicately and sensitively treated adhesions in her reproductive tract. Emily stated, “I felt very comfortable at Clear Passage and in control of the treatment. At times, it was uncomfortable because they were treating a very pain-sensitive area, but I could tell the difference as the pain decreased with each session.”

Emily and her husband were eventually able to resume regular intercourse. Emily reported, “Before treatment, my husband had never been able to enter me fully, and finally he was able to!” Emily’s menstrual cycle also returned to a regular cycle and she is currently expecting.

Emily’s full story, along with stories by over 75 patients, will be featured in our upcoming book, Miracle Moms, Better Sex, Less Pain. To read more about the connection between painful intercourse and fertility, read our blog post: Infertility and Sexual Dysfunction are Linked – And It’s Not All in Your Head

Learn more about our treatment for painful intercourse and female infertility.

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