Understanding Secondary Infertility: 10 Key Factors to Consider

Secondary infertility can be a puzzling and emotional journey for many women who have previously conceived easily. If you find yourself in this situation, you might be wondering, “Why am I now having trouble getting pregnant?” In this article, we’ll break down ten key factors that our therapists examine when working with women experiencing secondary […]

The Appearance of a C-Section Scar Can Provide Clues About Abdominal Adhesions

When a woman comes to CPT with secondary infertility, one of the first questions our therapists ask is, “Did you have a C-section?” Through years of experience, our therapists have found that c-sections frequently cause adhesion formation within the abdominal and pelvic cavity. Adhesions can impede fertility by blocking the fallopian tubes, restricting the uterus, […]

Ten Clues to Solving Secondary Infertility

Women who experience secondary infertility are often baffled by their diagnosis. “I was able to easily conceive before,” many women tell us. “Why am I now having trouble?” When our therapists examine women with secondary infertility, they look for ten key changes: C-Section – Did the patient have a c-section? Adhesions and scar tissue after […]