Overcoming Infertility: Three Friends Share Their Success Story with “Fertility Massage”

Introduction: Dealing with infertility can be an emotional and challenging journey. However, for three friends – Alexandra, Angie, and Cathleen – their long struggle with infertility found a solution in an unexpected place: a unique “fertility massage.” This groundbreaking therapy, known as the Wurn Technique®, has provided hope and success for these women, offering a […]

You Have Blocked Fallopian Tubes, Do You Need Surgery to Remove Them?

You were just diagnosed with blocked fallopian tubes or fallopian tubes that are swollen and clogged with fluid which is called hydrosalpinx. Your OB-GYN says you can have surgery to open the tubes which is called a Salpingostomy (also called neosalpingostomy) but the documented rates of pregnancy after a salpingostomy is not stellar…pregnancy rates after […]

IVF Risks, Side Effects, and a Natural Alternative

Increasing IVF Success

For people who are struggling to conceive, in vitro fertilization (IVF) is a medical procedure that offers hope but comes with a torrent of risks and side effects. If you are considering this treatment, please read this article first. It provides details you should be aware of before you undergo IVF and suggests ways to deal with IVF side effects. Better yet, learn how you may be able to avoid IVF altogether.

My 5 Options If I Have Infertility from Endometriosis

woman with infertility caused by endometriosis

Infertility can be caused by endometriosis, an inflammatory condition sometimes accompanied by pain. However, it is nearly always associated with internal bonds called adhesions. People respond to endometriosis-related infertility in a variety of ways. They may opt-out of parenthood, welcome a baby through surrogacy, or start a family through adoption. Women with endometriosis may treat […]

Everything about the Best Natural Infertility Treatments

image of pregnant woman

Yearning for pregnancy—and being unable to achieve it after dedicated periods of trying—can cause a woman great psychological and emotional pain. Let’s jump into what your options are and why out of all of them, the Wurn Technique is your healthiest, cost-conscious, and most effective option. What is Infertility? According to the American College of […]

Effective Nonsurgical Treatment for Blocked Fallopian Tubes?

“Blocked fallopian tubes” is one of the most heartbreaking diagnoses in female infertility. The female reproductive system consists of many delicate organs tasked with the need to transfer a single cell (the egg) across a gap, then into a tiny canal to unite with another single cell (the sperm). All of this must happen in […]

Avoid Surgery for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Success Treating PCOS Infertility Without Surgery Clear Passage®️ is a world leader approaching three decades of experience treating female infertility without surgery or drugs. In a landmark 10-year study[i] treating infertile women, our non-surgical therapy yielded pregnancy rates for women infertile with PCOS at rates similar to standard medical treatments, but without surgery (study chart […]

Opening Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Comparing Treatment Options PROCEDURE PREGNANCY RATE COSTS Clear Passage® Bodywork 39.33% ii $6,500 In Vitro fertilization (IVF) 30.87% iii $15,000 – $30,000 iv IVF after Clear Passage 56.16% ii, iii $21,500 – $36,500 iv What Is Clear Passage? What Occurs in Therapy? Over 1,000 Babies Born Treatment Options Explained What are Blocked Tubes? Symptoms of […]

Secondary Infertility

We Treat Secondary Infertility Naturally Whether due to C-section, adhesions, high FSH or unknown cause, secondary infertility is a major focus of our practice. Clear Passage®️ is a world leader in non-surgical repair of the female reproductive tract, since 1989. Studies published in peer-reviewed U.S. and international medical journals found that our manual physio/physical therapy […]