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Minimal Fiber Diet for Digestive Disorders

The Minimal Fiber or Soft Diet requires you to avoid more foods than the Low-Fiber Diet, including ALL fruits and vegetables. (Some juices are allowed – download the free Digestive Health Guide to find out which juices are allowed). If you find that your symptoms are getting better, you can gradually begin switching to the […]

Low Fiber Diet for Digestive Disorders

Fiber is found in plant foods, such as vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, legumes, and seeds. It is considered an indigestible carbohydrate. Sometimes when your bowel becomes obstructed or if the risk of bowel obstruction is present, your doctor or dietician may advise you to follow a Low-Fiber Diet. In doing so, you lessen stool bulk […]

3 Ways Adhesions Cause Bowel Obstructions

An image of a women experiencing abdominal pain from SIBO which is caused by adhesions.

Adhesions form as the bodies first response to a trauma, surgery, infection, or inflammation. These adhesions are made up of strong, fibrous cross links that attach to the nearby tissues and organs of the damaged area. When the abdomen or bowel experiences a trauma, adhesions can begin to form in the bowels, causing bowel obstructions. These adhesions can cause bowel obstruction in three different ways.