Hide & Seek: The Female G-Spot

The latest buzz in the world of sexual health is the potential discovery of the female G-spot. With many believing it to be a major trigger for enhancing female orgasm and others claiming it doesn’t exist, the elusive G-spot has been the subject of debate for years.

The discovery was made by Dr. Adam Ostrzenski, a gynecologist in St. Petersburg, Fla. He describes the G-spot as a “bluish grape-like composition” with a distinct head, middle and tail, along with a rope-like vessel emerging from the tail into the surrounding tissue. It is located in the dorsal perineal membrane of the front vaginal wall, says Dr. Ostrzenski.

Not everyone is convinced that Dr. Osrtrzenski is on the cusp of groundbreaking discovery, arguing that he found it in only one woman — if at all. This will certainly be an interesting story to keep an eye on! Read more here.

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