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Clear Passage Publishes Landmark 10-Year Infertility Study

Hands-On Physical Therapy Matches or Exceeds Medical Success for Female Infertility

We are thrilled to announce that in a study of 1,392 infertile women treated at Clear Passage during a period of 10 years, our therapy was found to be equivalent to or exceed standard medical treatments for common causes of female infertility, including both hormonal and mechanical conditions (e.g. blocked fallopian tubes). The multi-site study, which will be published in the peer-reviewed journal Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine (May/June, 2015), is now housed in the U.S. Library of Medicine, and available here.

Among the highlights of the study:

  • BLOCKED FALLOPIAN TUBES – We opened totally blocked fallopian tubes in 69% of women who had never undergone prior tubal repair. The overall success rate for opening blocked tubes was 61%. Of the women whose tubes we opened, 57% became pregnant – double the success rates for surgery.

  • PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome) – PCOS is a common hormonal problem often causing a failure to ovulate. At 54%, Clear Passage pregnancy rates were about double the rates achieved by surgery (33%) or medications (22%).
  • ENDOMETRIOSIS – At 43%, pregnancy rates were approximately equivalent to surgical success rates – but without the risks or costs of surgery. In a study published in 2014, endo pain relief achieved with Clear Passage treatment lasted at least as long as was reported with pain relief achieved via surgery – a year after the procedures.
  • PRE-IVF – Women who underwent IVF after therapy had a 50% higher success rate than the national average (56% with Clear Passage, 37% without). Women aged 40 or older who underwent Clear Passage therapy before IVF had success rates three to five times the national IVF success rate. (Rice et al., 2015a)
  • HIGH FSH – We had a 39% pregnancy rate for women diagnosed subfertile or infertile due to high FSH, which occurs as the body approaches menopause. There is currently no medical treatment for high FSH.

The therapy focuses on decreasing adhesions – the internal scars that form in the body after surgery or infection. Richard King, M.D., a gynecologist-surgeon and Medical Director for the study said, “This landmark study can profoundly change the way physicians treat infertility in women. The treatment appears to reverse adhesive bonding and allow structures to move more freely, as they did earlier in life. When that happens, reproductive function clearly improves dramatically.” Read the full study here.


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