VIDEO: Opening Blocked Fallopian Tubes – Naturally

I had adhesions along my fallopian tubes, and one of my tubes was partially blocked. When I found out I was pregnant, we were just thrilled.

We did a total of four in vitro fertilizations which all failed. No pregnancies with any of them. So by that time we were really at our wit’s end and we were considering adoption. And then a friend of mine had told me about Clear Passage Therapies.

When I came to Clear Passage, I just felt like a warm welcome. At the time I was emotionally exhausted by the whole thing of trying to have a baby.

Even when I had my free consultation, the physical therapist that evaluated me was very compassionate, almost understood what I’d already been through. I think I really got individual care here. I felt like even just the atmosphere in each of the rooms was very calming. It was relaxing and I feel like my body got something out of it besides a pregnancy.

I had adhesions along my fallopian tubes, and one of my tubes was partially blocked. Again, I felt like it was some kind of overall overhaul going on in my body. So I felt like it was very much a positive thing.

When I found out I was pregnant, it kind of just came up and we were just thrilled.

One of the things also about when I was here getting my therapy sessions, I really felt like the people were some of the best health professionals that I’d ever met. Being a health professional myself, I meet physicians and nurses every day, and just the compassion here and the professionalism is excellent.

I would definitely recommend Clear Passage whether its women who’ve gone through infertility the standard way with medicine or procedures, or those that are just looking for an alternative measure and don’t want to go through all the infertility procedures.

Do you have blocked fallopian tubes? What procedures have you tried? Leave a reply below.

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