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Physical Therapists Open Blocked Fallopian Tubes Without Surgery

New Orleans, LA., November 2, 2006/PRNewswire/ — Scientists at the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) reported that therapists were able to open totally blocked fallopian tubes using a new pelvic physical therapy that feels similar to a deep massage. Previously, surgery was the only treatment option for women with blocked fallopian tubes.

The manual treatment (Wurn Technique®) opened blocked fallopian tubes in several women, some of whom conceived naturally after the therapy, according to the study abstract published in Fertility and Sterility (9/2006).

The abstract examined eight women with totally blocked fallopian tubes. One patient had only one tube and it was blocked, but had a natural pregnancy and childbirth after receiving the therapy. Half of the women had at least one tube opened by the therapy; half of those became pregnant naturally and gave birth.

The study cases were further complicated by a condition known as hydrosalpinx. Not only were the tubes blocked, but they were filled with a liquid that is considered toxic to embryos.

“Hydrosalpinx is generally thought to render a fallopian tube useless and may decrease the chance for successful in vitro fertilization (IVF),” said co-author Mark Kan, MD, a reproductive endocrinologist at the Newport Fertility Center in Newport Beach, CA. “The therapy opened several affected tubes, and apparently returned function to some of them.”

“While this study was small, the results are clear,” said physical therapist Belinda Wurn who developed the technique with her husband, massage therapist Larry Wurn. “A diagnostic test clearly shows whether either tube has opened. The full-term pregnancies indicate a return of function.”

Research gynecologist and former Chief of Staff at North Florida Regional Medical Center, Richard King, MD, called the results remarkable. “The therapy is a natural adjunct to gynecologic care,” King says.

The therapists began developing the technique in 1987 to treat author Belinda Wurn’s pelvic pain after cancer and surgery. It is now used to treat female infertility, endometriosis pain, and female sexual dysfunction (including painful intercourse). The therapy is available at Clear Passage Therapies® clinics throughout the United States.

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